Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I lust you! :The day love died and burned to ashes

Love is as fickle and brittle as cheaply made, tasteless communion crackers... And it seems as if, now a days, it doesn't matter at all to have love... Its as if love is a dirty word, and lust is the thing that is accepted... This animalistic ideology of, getting what you want just because, leaves us dead... no one wants to believe in love or wanna give it a chance, cause after the 2 times they get hurt, its dead to them. So is life, and self-esteem... So, whenever we get hurt, we like to take it out on whomever willing to be the slut for the time, be it man for woman, woman for man, man for man, or woman for woman... We would like to hurt others the way we were hurt, regardless of the asshole that has hurt us with lies that started with "I love you." Its a sad, fucked up game, that everyone plays, and the nice guys and girls get fucked over cause, these blood-thirsty, lust wanting fuck wads are on the prowl, and unforgiving... Love is becoming lost in history. Love is becoming an idea that only exist with our dying generations. Love is no longer a staple in music... Yeah, EVERYBODY is a Beatles fan, but no one wants to hear what they have to say... No one wants to believe or just need love anymore... its just that love is apparently useless... If its not useless, its for DAMN sure, hard to find... oh well... moving on...

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