Thursday, May 27, 2010


So, this weeks song wasn't hard to pick, only because I was trying to use it last week, but couldn't find a suitable video to play the whole song... until today... I wanted to post 3 songs last week, but no luck, but now, I have found the song I wanted to use, and its this weeks song of the week... This is the second song coming from the beautiful, talented, and mind-bending Janelle Monae. If you are just out of the loop, you have missed seeing her on TV, with performances on Dave Letterman, recently, Ellen, and tonight on George Lopez, so if you haven't seen her, PLEASE check it out. :) But this song is honestly one that just got me in a good space when I heard it for the first time... When I first heard this song, it made me think of my youth, when I would sing on the St. Martin de Porres School Gospel Choir... Just the whole sound of gospel from this song just brought me back. And watching it performed live just opened my eyes to how fucking amazing this woman is, and also how passionate that she is about making the sound touch the soul. :) This weeks song is called "Mushrooms and Roses." Its not what you think you cow shit eating motherfuckers... In the story, "Mushrooms and Roses" is a speak easy where human and androids can be in love and above the law... something like brothel kinda (i could be wrong, but when the lyrics go "...where all the lonely droid and lovers have there wildest dreams..." it could be honestly, anything!). Its just a hide out to where anything, can just relax and be whatever they wanna be in Metropolis... And with such an heavy gospel influence in this song, you will see why its a favorite of mines... And if you get a chance to see her life, and she plays this song, I dare you not to have your jaw drop. :) Enjoy guys.

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