Monday, May 10, 2010

You Can't Blame Them

A friend of mines, said it best about the professional teams in Atlanta: "A.T.L. Atlanta Teams Loose!" And you know what? Tonight just proved that. I went to my first Hawks game in about 11 years, and they lost big time in the playoffs... The last time that any team down here ever won a major sport was in 1996 when The Braves shocked the world, and The Cleveland Indians, to win the World Series... and since, The hawks made it to the playoffs 4 times, and the Falcons has been to the Superbowl only once, And The Thrashers record in the playoffs to date, 0-4... and year, after year, after year, the so-called "fans" of these teams, don't even show up until they are actually doing "good." Honestly, I can understand why some of these players don't wanna play here... I can understand why they ask for so much money to play here... Cause why would they wanna play in a town where the fans only come when they are successful? I can definitely understand that... You know, the prices on beer and food wouldn't be as expensive is people actually showed up to the games? and I'm not talking about the playoffs either... If people just showed up to a regular season game, that wasn't fans of there "hometown team," and actually showed some support, for there one of these 4 franchises, they probably would win some games and some championships... But its the Atlanta way, to try to get anyone interested in one of the major sports is like trying to send a retarded 2 year old kid, across the street in rush hour traffic... it is shocking, sad, funny, and mildly offensive... The true fans are the ones that show up and STAY during the game if the score is 70-0 in the favor of the away team... The true fans are those who take all the bullshit from the other fans, and still come back when the same teams play and take the same shit from the same asshole who is all balls deep about how there team is better than our Braves, Hawks, Thrashers, or Falcons... The true fans are there season after season play after play, heart attack after heart attack cheering for there teams, and all we can wish for is that in this fair-weathered shitty city...I'm not from here, and I LOVE me some Thrashers... I'm trying to reconnect with The Braves, and I hate basketball, but I wanna support the Hawks more, and The Falcons are almost there... I hope to support them more as well, however I am still a Panthers fan. :) But these teams has the talent, they have the coaching staffs, and the facilities... whats LACKING is the FANS! The city could be a great sports town, but with no "real fans" its just a town housing sports franchises... So, I can understand why Ilya Kovalchuk would wanna play somewhere else... I can see why Josh Childress would wanna play in Greece... I understand why no one wants to play here... cause the town, as a whole, is a fair-weathered sports city. And all the community service projects, all the autographs, all the give aways cant fulfill the athlete like asses in the seats. This basketball season saw a lot of it, but no one wanted to stay for the whole game... If you did, and showed that you cared to stay til the end, maybe the ideology of "Atlanta Teams Loose" Could just be "THE ATL: The city of winners!" And this is coming from a Carolina Boy too! I want to see these teams win the championships! And I wanna be there when it happens... I wanna be there when the fans are there... I wanna be able to ask if I could move to the end of the row, so I can have some leg room... One can only wish and hope... so lets hope that Atlanta gets there shit together as sports town. Am I wrong to think that? Just a thought... goodnight world.

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