Saturday, May 15, 2010

I realized something tonight!

I witnessed the most beautiful funeral/home going service in the world. For those of you who don't know, I lost my cousin Chris Johnson, to cancer Tuesday May 4th, 2010. Chris was the nicest person in my world... His heart was huge, and his nature was soft, but if you crossed Chris, he would make sure that you wouldn't do it again, and he ALWAYS did it in the most professional, and nicest manner ever... And his service today, was amazing... I was it be done in 2 different languages at the same time-- English and Sign. And it was moving to both parties... I cried when his boss talked, when his brother (cousin Papa) talked, and when his widow (Cousin Andrea) talked... some of the people who gave there testimonials about Chris' love and character, was done by the lives he touched in the deaf community. It was very powerful... The whole service was held at his Alma Mater of A.C. Flora High School located in Columbia, South Carolina, my hometown... And it was a moving ceremony... Like I mentioned, I did cry when Chris' widow gave her last respects... In that speech, all done in sign language, cause she was deaf too, she said that she loved him, and will miss him... but the most touching part of it, was when she said that she "didn't even had a chance to say good-bye." And if you know Chris and Andrea, they were inseparable, just like Chris and Papa... brothers, who may have had quarrels, but always loved each other... One thing that the family did was treat Chris as if he was normal, as if he didn't have a handicap at all.... You wouldn't have known that he was deaf at all... he spoke perfectly, and had the most infectious smile in the world... Even til his last day on earth, he was all teeth. :) And he will be missed by a HOST of people... Chris was so amazing, that just last month, he was inducted into the SEAAD Hall of Fame (Southeastern Athletic Association for the Deaf)... He was a HELL of a basketball player... could've put a lot of players of his day to shame with ease... He was actually one hell of an athlete... Another story told today, was that in high school, he was the first deaf kid to sign up for football in A.C. Floras' history... And during one of the practices, the coach had to call practice early, cause Chris purposefully injured 4 starters... lol. Coach asked, "why" and Chris said "so I could have a chance to play." lol That was the warrior and fighter that Chris was... he wanted to be the best, and he also wanted to prove it, and he ALWAYS did it humbly... He fought cancer for 8 years, and during that time, he worked, and he worked hard... he failed to allow anything to get in his way... He had a heart of a lion, but the spirit of a lamb... When someone told Chris to take it easy, he did it even harder... 110+% ALL THE TIME... That's who he was, that's how he will be remembered... A hard worker, a loving soul, and a great man of God... He will be missed, but that's not his legacy... His legacy lies in my family... not just the people that i know, but the people that has been touched by Chris' love for them... As you also may be aware of, my Grandmother, Ruby Harris, died in November of last year... and the lives she touched was vast!! Same with Chris... the amount of lives he touched was vast! All over the U.S., there isn't a person who came across Chris, that didn't leave loving him. He was just that type of guy. :) So, with all that said, it dawned on me tonight as I was doing 90mph on the way home from SC to GA... my family is HUGE!!!! Cause, in my families, if you are a friend, you are family. I say that knowing the love that I have for both sides of my family... My grandma Carrie invited my friend Matt to her wedding, and she just met him... :) I come from a great lineage of people who is kind-hearted, strong-willed, stubborn, and generous with love, material, and heart. :) I am truly blessed to have the people in my life that is my family. Some are super honest, some just wont shut up, some are mean spirited, some are jokesters, some are comedians, but they all have the same thing that has been instilled in me... love for those who are NOT familiar in blood and law. I can smile again. :) Good night.

if you wanna read his obituary, just click the link here:

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