Monday, February 1, 2010

The decline of musics' power.

So, by meirly watching th Grammy's last night, I realized how saturated with bullshit, music has become. There are still real musicians out there that is trying to save music and its current power, but now a days, its about what sells, and not about what touches the soul... and now-a-days, its all the same song, with the same beat and sound... but for some reason, country music is so much more popular. Now, as much as I hate country music, I even know what real country music is, and even the foundation of americana is becoming blurred by the bullshit as well... Its now a business and not actual medicine anymore... whatever happend to the days where music touched the soul? Whatever happend to the music that had a message and wasnt about what I did last night, or what I wish would happen in my life? What happened to the music that actually had a message of social change? Its all being buried for the pretty, the sexy, the trendy, the contriversial... Musicians are being replaced by actors who think they can sing or rap... No one wants to get to the depth of music to where its emotional anymore, where it draws thought, or tears, or makes you wanna dance... Its all the bullshit that any newly 21 year old, wanna go and try... It seems like lately, it has been like a "go out and try it" manuel with the shit they play today. Theres nothing to agrue about, cause everyones hot right now! So, where is the real? When will the real be rewarded again? Well, the real is dying away with the generation that inspired this one to be singers and songwriters, and composers... And where are those that embrases the values of real music? You can find them underground. To find good music, you have to go to your local music venues, and your local record stores, and search out the real, and the good. I can garantee you that you wont be disappointed, cause these men, women, and kids are doing the work that is necessary for satisfaction, and if the dollars fallow, then awesome! Good for them! they made it! But someone who knows real music should know the value that music possesses. I cant watch music award shows anymore, cause its not about the appreciation of music... its now the appreciation of the shit thats on there, sprinkle in a little bit of a self-imposed political adgenda, and you have, now, an award show. Music is dying in our country and those who are trying to save it, can't cause for some reason, we allowed music to turn into a business. To see how bad it really got, go out and find this documentary called "Before The Music Dies." It will give you an appreciation of real music. It will make you run to good music. It goes through the history of American music from its beginnings, to now, and how it can change back to the good music that defined this nation. So, yeah... think about that. Music has power, but its being looked over... lets allow music to be the apex, and not the performer. Let the music define the performer, and not the performer define music, or something like that. lol see ya next time.

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