Thursday, February 25, 2010


So, This week song has helped me out in times of difficulties, leading up to the loss of my grandma in November last year... This song has also helped a friend of mines get a better world scope and although she was trapped inside her house in fear after loosing a loved one of hers, she now going out and living life. This has quickly turned into one of my favorite songs from one of my new favorite groups. These guys are genuine, and amazing, and this isnt a scheme, this is there lives! The Five One is a DC based rock/rap group that infuses jazz, reggae, punk, rock, and some great lyrics that is PACKED with meaning, passion, and emotion... And the song that I chose and been talking about at the beginning is called "Active." Its basically a song about being human. And the message at the end is like a brand new pair of glasses for you to look at the world through... WOW! So, enjoy "Active" by The Five One

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