Friday, February 26, 2010

Possible separation at birth, and my say, semi-drunk... hehe...

OK... call me crazy... but I see the separation at birth... The first picture is of the Canadian National Women's hockey team, Melody Davis, and the second picture is of his... or her, I should say, long lost brother Donald Trump... it may be in the hairline, but I see it... don't you agree? Or vice-versa! WHO CARES?!

Well, Congratulations to the Canadian women's team for beating my American girls in hockey tonight o get there third consecutive Olympic Gold Medal in hockey... Although you may deny, I still believe that there was some sort of Canadian fed "Retribution" for loosing to our boys on Sunday. And if that's the case, then me hitting you, and then me getting hit by a bus is all the same... well, I say BULLSHIT ON THAT!!! The Canadian Women aren't men... The American Men aren't women... so, if you feel, Canada, that its even, then fuck you, its not! But its all the same, Go drink yourselves some Molson Canadian, and call it a day... Fuck off for thinking that beating the women's team is equal to loosing to the men's... idiots... OK, I'm done.

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