Sunday, February 21, 2010

"What doesnt kill you, makes you stronger." Really?

So, tonight, I was talking to my friend Ryan, and we talked about who I was last night (friday), and we had a few laughs, and a great time, catching up. So, inbetween serving, and a hug from a friend behind the bar, he brought out a skateboard, to where he used it, jokingly about going from side to side of the bar without the work of walking. So going from one end to the other, he tried to grab a beer from the cooler, unsucessfully, however stayed on the board. I said to him "Dont kill yourself." To where he responded, "Im wouldnt... what doesnt kill you make you stronger." Then, I brought up a few senarios, to which this blog is the reason for... So, after that statement, I baraged him with this first, which I ask you... So, if what doesnt kill you make you stronger, and you happen to get in a car accident, break your neck, and is paralized for the rest of your life, is that you being stronger? After I said that to him, he gave me this look of "man, you blew my mind with that thought." Then I brought up this big ole bowl of speghetti (going along with the whole "food for thought" saying)... What if youre shot in the head, and youre brain dead, and your family is faced with the choice of either keeping you alive, or pulling the plug... are you stronger?" And again, that look, and then he said... well, you just killed that statement. lol :) And, I say that with the knowledge, that in certain actual human cases where people have survived pretty hairy situations to where, life should have ended. But, because they escaped death, or serious injury one time, doesnt mean that it necessarily makes you stronger... wiser? Possibly... but Stronger? Not too sure... Mentally, yes... physically, no... I dont think so, but its all good. :) Hope this blog doesnt kill you, but makes you stronger. HEH!

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