Monday, February 15, 2010

Not a fan... not a fan at all of Valentine's Day

Is the emotion of love even worth a day? Love is something that is expressed every day with us saying it, showing it, even avoiding it... So, is it worth the bullshit just to have a day set aside for love? Seriously? Who the hell IS St. Valentine? well, according to the little that I did read on, he was a priest, and a martyr... not sure where the love comes into, but honestly, you can read it yourself. lol... Anyways, I dont believe that love should ever be exploited for financial gain, cause Love makes the weak, strong; the hungry, full; the poor, rich... Its a powerful emotion, that will allow us to do just about anything to be with the one we love... its truly amazing to see... But when do we know that its love? People like to say the saying "If you love someone, let them go... if they come back, then its true" or something of that nature... Well, if its true, then why is there even the need for lust? If love is as powerful as it is, then why do we go around and put on this love front? Why do we have to fake our feelings just to fufill a desire for said night, week, month or year? I dont know... but I just know that Im sick of anything and everything that is Valentine's Day... its a bullshit day... And everyone has a way to celebrate. Some where black, some get drunk, some tries to find love, but I dont know... Instead of having a day set aside for love, why dont we use Feb. 14th, for a day to help or use it as a day for a nationwide pillow fight or something thats just worth it! But Im just wishing, and kinda showing my bitterness... oh well... FUCK VALENTINES DAY!!!!

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