Monday, February 8, 2010

do you really love animals?

Have we gone too far? Have we, as people, allow ourselves to love whats not important, and not allow the time of day to the things that matter? Have we forgot what made us, who made us, what makes us, and the sole reason why we are able to love? Im just asking cause, Im just sick of this, seemingly, overinfatuation with dogs, or animals for that matter. Now, before i continue, PLEASE REALIZE that I love animals as well! But Im not going to get over passionate about it... if someone does my animals wrong, I will be out for blood, also my friends animals (dogs, cats, birds, whatever). I just dont see no reason why to allow an animal to be my equal. Animals arent equal to people... sorry to say animal lovers... Some people want animals to run free, well, heres why that is the worlds worst idea... IF, say, we didnt have any domestic animals ever, or we didnt domesticate animals, we would be stuck in our house with no means of trying to find freedom... cause animals, in there instinctive nature, will try to kill off the threat, and whats more threatening to any animal? HUMANS! So, for those extremeist asshole animal fans, I bid you a good ole cold-hearted SHUT THE FUCK UP! And to the animal fans, who hates things like bullfighting, or dogfighting, or cockfighting, or rodeos, you know, in other cultures around the world, its just another everyday thing! In parts of Aisa, they eat dogs and cats. And in parts of europe they fight bulls, they also do that in mexico. Cock fighting is still the pregame to any mui thai fight card, so, I think, in our PC over sensitive culture, we just need to calm down, and love our animals, and not give that much of a shit about the rest of the world... Again, I love my dog and 2 cats! They piss me off for sure, and Im not stupid enough to put them in danger of another animal, or even fight them... thats stupid, and dumb, but, im not going to loose sleep if I or my mother was in trouble, and, heaven forbid, and the animals were stuck in the house, and I had no way to contact a friend to check on them, and I happen to get out of my funk, whatever it may be, when i come back home, I expect to see blood... In the animal world, its only the strong survive. not sure who would survive in this house, but I know that one of the 3 isnt going to be around... But trust me, that wont happen. I cant speak for the stupidity that has been displayed for over 3 years now, but I seriously think that we all should just leave well enough alone. We dont need to further punish the ones who did there time and paid there debt to society. everyone deserves a second chance at life reguardless of how shitty of a person that you think they are, were, or indifferent. We just have to realize that we have the power to not allow somebody to wreck our feelings, cause of there stupidity... I cant say that we cant get attached to our animals, cause, thats just not gonna happen. We just have to not be like the dumb ones. we have to be emotional, but not overly emotional. its possible. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love sports... And my favorite team, wins sometimes, and looses more than sometimes... and after the game, lfe continues... one dog dies, one cat dies, one chicken dies, one bull dies, LIFE CONTINUES! Basically, we have to prioritize our love... humans first, animals second. Thats just my opinion. I could care less if you like it or not. I just had to say something, and its been said.

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