Saturday, February 6, 2010

The highs, and the lows.

So, today, I realized that everyone deals with issues differently. We all could have the same issues, but, we all have different means of feeling better from those issues... Some uses food, some uses creativity, some uses sex, drugs, or whatever. I find it amazing that the little things that gets us off course, its a major decision that we use to "help" us get better. Its just awesome to see how the human psyche works when we are down... We are always looking at a way be brought back up, and we are willing to work at it... Instead of waiting or giving up, we always are willing to work to feel, at the least, even. What makes us work so hard then, but in the every day, when things are going pretty well, we just ride the wave... But, sometimes we allow our situations to best us, and not us try to best it... For example, tonight, I was talking to a good friend who is caught in the middle of something that can seemingly spend all type of out of control... And in talking it out, it wasnt getting any better, but just talking it out gave her some sort of help and relief, but talking and just having someone to listen, can do much more for anyone than any other thing... So, when we are at our lowest, or our highest, as long as there is someone for us to depend on to just listen, we will stay in the middle :) It helps. So, help someone... and im not talking about drugs or fighting or anything of that nature, just lend an ear or 2 to someone who needs someone to listen to them. :) It will make a WORLD of difference. Be blessed guys.

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