Sunday, January 31, 2010

El Double-Standard, you, me, and the blood to come.

In todays world, it is evident, and even ever-present that we all live in a double standard in all of our lives... We like to do certain things but hate it when someone close to us does the same, we like to use certiain words, but we hate it when other people say them. We love to shovel our beliefs down others throats, but when they do the same, we dont wanna hear it... WHAT THE FUCK!? Where did it say in any time in history, that we were all right or all wrong? No one is thoroughly right or wrong, and thats whats the problem... No one wants to hear the other side of the story, or actually be the first to say "no" or "thats wrong." Everyone gets so mad at whomever or whatever, and makes there minds up and shun out an actual conversation cause they are so wrapped up into there beliefs, as if, they can save the world... for example... On an article on Thursday, this past week, (January 28th), according to, In virginia, they are pulling Anne Franks Diary from the school bookshelvs cause of the one part where a young Anne Frank was talking about the curiosity of her body, and mentioned masturbation... Seriously!? Does this bitch, who brought this arugment to the Virginia School District realize that she, too, HAS A VAGINA!? I dont think anything in that whole statement in her diary, had to do with anything of this over-sexed culture we live in now... Cause, the girl was curious of her body, and was simply asking questions! FOR FUCKS SAKE, her FATHER, Otto Frank, read through it and pulled a shit-ton of parts from the diary, before it was released in full in 1995... So, to tell me that one over sensitive, anti-semitic bitch who is obviously not the greatest example of christianity (which is THOROUGHLY embarrassing I must say), can tell kids what to read, or not to read cause of general curiosity, is wrong? WHAT THE FUCK IS SHE THINKING!? It pisses me off, cause of 2 things... 1, she has kids of her own, cause she had it pulled from the shelves of these schools, and 2, shes a liar, cause I know at her age, she went through the same curiosity! So, Fuck her! I just hope to never be like her when I have kids... I wanna be as upfront and honest with my kids as I can... But I say all of that to get to the point I was making... its a double standard for sure! To say that its sexually charged, and not safe for kids, is like telling your kid to dont read the bible, Songs of Solomon in particular... if you read it, its is chucked full of man and woman freaky love! Its very discriptive and poetic, but I bet you anything, she wont go off and try to get that banned... Thats not right... if you going for one, go for it all! Dont half-ass. Eliminate biology class, eliminate anatomy, ELIMINATE LOVE!!! If you go for one, go for all! It just gets under my skin when people are like that, more so, than those who thinks that they are right about everything, as if they know the answer... Did you search thoroughly? Or did you just give up because the person you ask didnt come through? And now you live in your little bubble of, "Im right, fuck the world," and you dont wanna hear another opinion, even if it was what you stopped praying for... So, I say all of that to say this... Dont be so closed minded about someone elses ideas or beliefs... Just because you made up your mind, does not give you the right to shut them up cause you dont wanna hear it... give them the time of day that you would want given to you. Learn something from your fellow man. Ask questions, search for answers... youd be suprise of the conclusions you come with. think about it.

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