Friday, February 26, 2010


there are shows that I love to watch, but I have nothing but a hate for cause of whats on there... Like for example, the show on history channel named "Gandland." This show I love, cause it displays the stupidity of the human nature, i.e. this necessary belief that the low life, scumbag that you call a brother, sister, or whatever, is worth dying for, for a cause that has no meaning, mission or real purpose. Along with dying, you have the going to jail, the running drugs, getting beaten up, and the "respect" you are suppose to get for being in this group of local terrorist... They also show the hiarchy of this gang, the expectations of this gang, and all the other requirements, and the entrance options, and the exit options... If this is worth it, then I must be in the wrong line of work right now.... Cause I honestly, dont think that anyone who is scared and paranoid, cause of there means of gaining money or respect, is worth loosing my life over. Call me crazy, but, just like these assholes and punks, Im pretty sure, that they all have daddy or mommy issues, and yet, they want to feel accepted or loved, well, youre not going to find that with someone who only loves you when you do things for them that will cost you your freedom or life. The only people that valuable is those who share the same bloodline with you, and you TRUE friends... you know, the ones that will tell you to quit fucking up, the ones that will laugh with you or at you? You know? Do you remember? But no! The gang is more important, cause "respect, power, money, pride" is more valuable than love, and trying not to fuck up everyone with meth, weed, crack, or whatever... I dont see the worth in it, I would rather be a solo child and all by myself, than to affiliate myself with ANY one in a gang... I may know a few who may be in a gang, but knowing, and hanging out is 2 different things...

I made this blog cause, its scary of how bad it has gotten, and I just want everyone to watch out for what they say, do, or whatever around these sketchy mother fuckers... Like, I was watching the episode about the "Gansta Killer Bloods" that calls Columbia, South Carolina, MY HOMETOWN, home... and, there was a few sceens where they were interviewing one of those dumbshits, was in front of the church that I grew up in! That is THOROUGHLY scary... There has always been some struggle with the neighborhood, but nothing to the magnitude that it is today... but, if its this bad now, in this mindset that this bullshit is acceptable, as a means of survival, and friendship and acceptance, then fuck them. There is always better, until you found your best... But if this is your best, being a "gangsta," then wow... Way to shoot for the stars there homie. And some gangs are made cause of a casue or passion that dates back to the days before the slave ships even showed up to the African Western Shore... and even the Arien Circle, a gang of white people, who are separateists cause they dont want cultures to mesh, and thats SO 1863, but you know, these little few, cant stop ME from dating whomever I want, from whereever I want... and the dumb few, will kill, not only there own, but someone of a different race, just so they can be accepted... Whoever came up with this fucked up mantality, needs to be slapped a few times. Cause to believe that, is stupid, in todays world, people are falling in love, from all different races. its ok though.

Ignorance is hilarious... Its funny to watch it, until it becomes sad... but even then, wow... the power that people has over each other minds is insane... but whatever... I cant save the world... I can just tell it about itself. im done...

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