Monday, March 1, 2010

Dear Ryan Miller,

You dont know me, and I dont know you, but I have been watching from a distance what you have done for the US Hockey team, and I must say, as a fan of hockey, there is NOTHING to be ashamed about. You were amazing in front of the net. You were virtually impenatrable, but with a few mistakes by the ones in front of you, we would have gotten the gold instead of the silver. Honestly, I, as a fan, is very happy about Silver. I know its not what you work for ultimately, but to show Canada that hockey is good and righteous and on the rise here in the states, and you, Mr. Miller, is the reason. This note, isnt me saying that your teammates hasnt been a huge part of the suceess, but you are a major part of why children, children in the country wants to play hockey. A lot of kids today, probably wanna be like you... And, that is something to be proud about. I know you dont know where it it, but I can tell you that here in Decatur, Georgia, at this little bar/resturant called Twain's, We were cheering yall on, and the place erupted when Parasie scored the game tieing goal... I wish that there was a camera around to capture the moment, cause, it was insane! :) And when you recieved your medal, the place started cheering for you, cause you are the reason why the nation has a silver medal in hockey. YOu are amazing, and you are one of my favorite player... I will always cheer for you, just not when you play my thrashers. lol But thank you for the hard work, and please dont hold your head down, cause there is nothing to be ashamed of... You are in an elite group of men who played the game for the country, and shocked the world. :) May God bless you through the rest of your career man. Be blessed always.


Jolly Green

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