Tuesday, January 11, 2011

You learn something new every day.

As its set up, The Good Lord above, gave us all the most dangerous creation, ANY God, could give creation--Free Will. In free will, we have the God given right to say, yes, no, or maybe, about anything that God gives us... A lot of the time, I use my free will to show my displeasure's in people, and things... One thing, that I'm not big on, is fallowing the popular crowd... Anything, that has a mass popularity, I tend to not find favor in fallowing it. I don't watch movies, cause, they are good, I watch movies to be entertained, and if there is an actor or actress that I don't like, I wont see that movie, no matter how good it is, or how many awards it won... Its just how I operate. I don't make apologies, and I don't make it a goal to go out of my way to appease those who think that I should do this, that, and the other... When it comes to people, its usually have something to do with Sports... If you don't know, I don't like Cam Newton... I do not like him for his sportsmanship. I'm huge when it comes to sportsmanship, I talk after the game, never before, or during... And sometimes, I guess, the reason why I get that way, is because, I'm that way! So, watching Cam Newton tonight during his interview, I was reminded, on the faithfulness of God. He mentioned, in his interview, that through it all, "God can take something negative, and turn it into something great." Well, I don't know what size shoe Cam wears, but I will but it in my mouth. That kinda shut me up! Who am I to feed the devils lies about the testimony of a young man like him? Ive missed, this entire time, what God was trying to show me... And that, EVERYONE, gets a second chance... Ive been saying that about Michael Vick, and just about anyone, but, why not him? What makes him stand out as the odd man out, of the second chance blessing? That's pretty fucked up of me. The young man, held his own, through it all... With all the fans saying one thing, and the media pouring it on, I just fell into the trap of trying to block the blessing that God has for this young man... It took me all of the College football season to realize this, but, it is what it is... I said what I said about him, and its out there, forever... But, if its any consolation, I do want to apologize to him, and God above, for being a distraction, during this time of his. So, there you go... I admit, I'm not a fan, of his, but, who am I to rain on his parade? Nothing but the best for that young man... moving on...

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