Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The More Money We Come Across...

Me and money, has never really gotten along... Usually, when it comes to money, I use it for wants, and not necessities... And, when I need something, I'm always a day late, and a dollar short, cause, I usually try to find a reason to want something first.... But, I tried something new at the beginning of the year, that I think will work... that is if I stay healthy, and out of trouble, and don't try to live above my means... I am going to put money in 4 separate accounts, of mines, to not only promote me to saving it, but spending it wisely... I was able to pay off my cellphone bill the day I got it, because, I had the money in one of my accounts. Its a dedicated account for something like that... but what is one to do, when he is stuck in  a house, that is iced over? Well, I used the money that I had to not only, eat, but buy another necessity, that now has me in the red... But, its worth it. It was something that I needed for a LONG time, and although I choose not to go into details, its going to make me feel SO much better in the end. Thank God. :) But, yes I will be doing a lot better with my money... that means, I will probably not eat out much, I will have a plan to save money for tattoos, concerts, travel, and other stuff that I thoroughly enjoy doing. So, with that said, I will be honest with you... I'm scared shitless about it... Cause, just like with anything in life, there will be a reason to spend the money I don't have... for example... you need to pay for your car, repairs, or you need to help a friend or family member, its up in the air... this year, I'M getting better with my money, spending it on what I need first, and not what I want... So, if you don't see me often, its because, I don't have money... I'm doing what I can to be better at it... and I hope you don't take offence, to me, not being there... I have to get a hold of it, if I ever wanna have some sort of relationship with anyone. lol Seriously... money can be a deal breaker in relationships... I don't want that... I know I just got real personal with you, but its my reality... And if you have the same problem as me, then I hope you find your way to save, and be better at it. Cause money, is important to survive... no matter how valuable, or invaluable it is... Be blessed... good night.

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