Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sometime, It's NOT The Thought That Counts

Gifts should always come from the heart, and not from the wallet, or the pants... I think that the worst gift, anyone can give anyone, is sex. I'm not talking about a girlfriend, or wife, giving her boyfriend or husband, a piece (and vice versa) for his birthday or anniversary, or congrats for a promotion or anything like that... NO! I'm talking about a friend, who think that someone getting off, on some strange, is the greatest gift to give... That's disgusting, and lack of love for a friend... If you know me, you know that I would not try to do anything, to drag a friend down with me... I would always build them up, or help them with there load (no pun), but never drag them down... I was asked a question last night by a striking looking woman, "if a friend was to buy you a hooker, what would you say to them," I told them honestly, "I would say fuck you." This lady was pretty surprised by my answer. lol But, at the same time, with keeping my cool, I was surprised by her question... If you want me to be happy on my birthday, buy me a gift certificate to my favorite music store, buy me alcohol, buy me anything except for sex... because, its nasty! The act of sex, itself isn't, but the thought of someone buying sex, is just not right... The lady tried to convince me, with hypothetical, but, I stood strong in my beliefs... I do not see any benefit in buying sex for anyone. If its not monogamous, and its not "free," then its repulsive. Nothing says, that I think you are the worst fucking human being, I have ever encountered in my entire life, than to offer to buy someone sex, so they can have "a good orgasm." I could care less on your stance on sex before marriage, or abstinence, or whatever... I know that I would never do that to my friends, or to myself, cause, its pointless to waste money, on someone who is just going to waste energy, to feel good for a minute... What conceivable notion says, that I am about to burn about 100 bucks for an hour, that wont even be used up, on someone to catch one, for a little while? So stupid. But, whatever is cleaver, to each his own... But, to me, sex should never be something that should be considered as a gift. Just tell me that you hate me, than try to get me laid... Just cuss me out... I would rather that, than for you to buy some pretty face, who got good at sucking dick, because, she was the only one willing to do so at that party sophomore year of high school... come on now! Lets think about this! Give something that is meaningful, and from the heart, and not something fickle, and from the wallet... that is a waste of money, time, and energy. Just buy me a hat, and call it a day.

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