Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"But I may not get there with you."

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has a day dedicated to him... it's usually around the time of his birthday that the United States and the World celebrates the life, and sacrifice of a peaceful man, who's message of racial equality is remembered and celebrated. The life of a boy who had nothing, in Atlanta, Georgia, to a man who lead people to days like today, in a country where "my children will not be judged by the color of there skin, but by the content of there character,"is possible cause of him, and the other peaceful revolutionaries of yesteryear, to make it possible for me to like whatever the fuck I want to like, do whatever I wanna do, and not be judge for it, because, of my skin color. MLK Day is definitely a great day to remember where I came from, and how far my family had to go, just to have me, be assured that I can live in a country that is a lot better off in race relations than what they had to go through... You can tell the impact of it, throughout the country. especially in the sports arenas... men and women of all colors and creeds can all sit down at there favorite teams arena, and cheer on the common goal... to cheer on there favorite teams... we can all go to the same restaurants, and talk and gab and laugh and drink the night away, because of the "dream" that Dr. King had all those years ago... And today, dream come true... BUT... Now a days, I don't enjoy the day as much as I use to! Its not because, I don't get a guaranteed day off of school or work anymore... I don't care about all that... honestly... What makes it so hard to enjoy, for me personally, is the fact, that now a days... because of everyone political agenda, its been turned into some sort of political, reminder... but now a days, what isn't a political agenda... Having to go take a shit, is now a political crisis... But anyways... I don't think Dr. King wanted his day to be something to hang a political hat on... I think he wanted it to be a day of celebration... Celebration of a life dedicated to the equality of all people... But, just like today's "democracy" craves, its not a reason to be all political about... I'm not talking about someone being all out and about about what they think Dr. King was like politically, I'm just talking about how the media portrays this day... asking these "black leaders." what it means, and blah blah blah... also, they ask the sports stars of today, on why the impact of MLK is so huge... and again, no problem with that... but, when did it become so damn important to ask all these people about it, every year? And when I watch TV, I don't want to watch that... I just want to watch what I want to watch, and not be bombarded with images of "the impact of MLK on the athlete of today," or some shit like that... Lets just have a day set aside to celebrate equality as one nation, as one people, and not allow, the media to make it into a big deal... Its already a big deal, but I don't need the media to make me remember how much of a big deal it is, when we know its already a big deal. They teach it in elementary school, make you do reports about it in middle school, have you write a 10 page paper in high school, and have you debate and discuss it in college, so I think that the media don't need to do anything more than what its doing to remind me about the impact of Dr. King... He was a great man, who's kindness was taken as fear of an up rise... he was assassinated, because, he was viewed as a threat. Its fucked up that he was viewed that way... All he wanted was peace... He marched for it... he sacrificed his home, and life for it, and now, today, as a hard fought dream, I can tell you, that I am very appreciative of his vision... Thank you Dr. King... But please, media... Stop saturating whats already so prevalent... you're desensitizing it all...

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