Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Be Still. Dont Move.

Sometimes in life, its just best, to shut everything off... No TV, no XBOX, no nothing... All that you can hear is your own beating heart, your breathing, and most importantly, your thoughts... its not an everyday thing, or even an every night thing, but I love to just turn it all off, and just concentrate on the darkness, as I finally allow my brain to have its say... I sleep with the TV on, and I dont sleep that much, if and when I do get to sleep... I still dont think, Im an insomniac, but, in those times, Im just trying to shut myself up... But, its beautiful to allow myself to clear shit out! Things I try to talk myself through is life, finances, taking care of the important things, and of course, trying to motivate myself to be better than who I am right now. You can also make beautiful music in those times... Using your imagination to make the songs you want to hear... make your own soundtracks... You can paint a pretty picture as well. Your imagination and creativity can flourish if you just allow yourself to shut up every now and then... You can even pray during those times... You can ask God to help your friends through difficulty, pretect family and friends, and allow the lessons that he has for you to manifest, and be taught... And after you've allowed yourself to actually come to peace with yourself, you can rest, and be satisfied... Sometimes we just need to vent it all... I may be the only one who experience moments like that, but I highly doubt that... But sometimes, just telling the world to SHUT THE FUCK UP, and allowing your brain to vent, is what we need... just sitting there quietly staring into the darkness, listening to you breathe, and create, and imagine, and love. :) So, just take a moment, or a night, and just allow yourself, every now and then, to just sit still... Hope yall have a great day.

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