Thursday, November 4, 2010


Today, while working, I was loving the day... it was cloudy outside, it was cool, a little bit of rain, and just the perfect way to begin the late fall... So, as I'm finishing up, I see the one thing, that pisses me off about his time of the year... The City of Decatur, decided that TODAY, was the best day to put of Christmas wreaths, on the light poles.... WHAT IN THE FATHER FUCK IS THIS ALL ABOUT?!?! Why is Christmas so fucking important to people, who rarely believes in the true beauty of Christmas... When did Christmas became more important than being thankful of everything? When did Christmas jump the importence of Thanksgiving? Not to take anything from Christmas and the fun that it holds, but, in my eyes, EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD HAS ITS TIME... Getting ready for Christmas in early November, to me, is like building your own coffin for your birthday, just to know that you're going to die on that day... prepping the wood, measuring it, cutting it, making it all nice, then all of a sudden, you climb in, and try to nail yourself in... at the same time, digging the ditch deeper... Its stupid... And nothing irks me more, than to see people get excited about, talking about, and advertising for Christmas before Thanksgiving... SHIT! Thanksgiving has a hell of a lot more food than Christmas ever will! Why in all that is good and right, would you want to skip on the food?! I didn't even mention football.... OH MY GOD! I'm in heaven on Thanksgiving Thursday... But lets not forget, before I completely destroy your happiness, Christmas is a great time to get excited... It reminds me a lot of family times, in Chattanooga, with the hint of burning wood in the air, in the cool quiet air, softly breezes across the mountain sides... And just the fun of being with the family... Its a great time Every Christmas in Chattanooga Tennessee, and although Grandma is gone now, its still a great enough reason to get together, and love the people that matters, and the people we have to remember. And more than anything, I would rather be thankful, than to be all happy about Christmas. Like I said in a facebook status comment... "Time and Place." I think the right time, anyone should be getting all excited about Christmas, is after thanksgiving... why is that? cause you have all your family there, and you can tell them all, what you want for Christmas, knowing that you're not going to get it... But the fact that the media, is already celebrating Christmas, while, screaming out to the world, about being politically correct, and calling this the holiday season, is another reason why I hate seeing all the lights, and wreaths, and shit before thanksgiving... They want you to spend money, and not spend time with the people that matter... society is all fucked up, and it can even lick my balls... I know I cant change the world, and Im not trying to, but in MY house, Christmas will be discussed, talked about and thought of, the day AFTER Thanksgiving... thats when the decorations go up, December 1st, the tree is going up, and January 1, EVERYTHING is taken down. Everything in its proper place and time... Thats what I believe... You dont go off and start bragging about how excited you are to die do ya? Well, why brag about how excited you are about a season, that will be here, well after you are gone? Think about it... thats how I feel, and IM done. Goodnight.

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