Friday, November 12, 2010


So, what song should I pick this week... I know! Its one, from this band that came out of nowhere and is making a huge hit in the music scene today... Sleigh Bells, is another beautiful product out of New York, where it holds only a guy, a guitar, a girl, her voice, and computers ramped all the way beyond distorted. With simply sung, and written lyrics, with hard beats, a driving guitar, and a bassline that will blow your eardrums out, along with your speekers, this band is and will probably be very entertaining for years to come. There first album is called "Treats," And it is, just that... a treat. its not a long album, but it will definitely keep the party going. The song I picked, is one of the few singles I've heard on the album, before I bought it... As you know, I have a rule that I fallow strictly... It doesnt go on the blog, unless I own it. And I got it, and Imma play it. But the song is named "Infinity Guitars." The only thing I ask for you to do when you listen to this song, is to turn it up ALL the way to fuckin 14, and just allow the last 45 seconds of the song to blow your head off!!! I love this song, and I hope yall do too... So, without anything else to say, I give you, "Infinity Guitars," by Sleigh Bells. :) Enjoy!

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