Monday, November 8, 2010


This weeks song was a tough one to find. With such a weird week that this was, working an unusual schedule, Going through Election Day, Seeing a friend struggle through a shitty week at work, and the constant reminder that I am a Gamecock (fuck you Arkansas), it was appropriate for me, to play a song that's pretty sad... Although a great week, just one of those weeks, that can be soothed with a nice sad song... And which song would be better than the one that I picked for this weeks (sorry it was late, I had a lot of hate of politics to get off my chest.) song of the week. This is the second time I have used this band in this blog, I think... and its by one of my favorite bands... TV On The Radio. And its called "Blues From Down Here." Its the perfect song... It is a mix of sadness, anger, and depression, with ways to deal... its a powerful song, and one of my favorite to be seen played live. So, it was a good time to pull this song out. :) From TV On The Radio, I give you "Blues From Down Here." :) Enjoy

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