Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Im being bled dry.

I cant be sure if the problem is with me, or with the world... I just don't fit in anywhere, anymore... I am not the same bright and shiny star of the city as I once was, and I believe its because, the world is becoming more brainwashed as the days get older... Everything, now a days, is politically driven. Nothing is discovered anymore. Its all forced. No one has proven to me the benefits what the elected has promised. No one has shown me the greatness to come... I'm hearing the same story over and over again, and I'm stuck hoping that the next time I open the refrigerator, something will be in there... I think I could be going insane. I think I am slowly loosing the grip of my dreams, as reality, disturbingly so, becomes more of burden, than a reason to be happy... With a head filled to the brim with regrets, bad memories, lies, and just general bullshit, I don't know where I can fit in there anymore either. The skin, that I'm blessed with is becoming too closed in... Its becoming tight, unbearable, annoying... Living has become a chore, when it use to be a luxury... When did life become such a chore to where, we have to depend on the materials around us to make our dreams come true? When will we quit allowing the materials be our stall worth in our personal and God given right for the pursuit of happiness? Have we tire of our happiness and gotten use to the mundane, and the dreary? Apparently I have. This is how I feel... this is my reality... dreams are fading, but I'm trying to clean up the mess so, I can harvest them, and watch them grow. I have to clean it up... I want to live. I want to dream, I want my dreams to live... I just hate the work. Might as well get it done right?

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