Monday, July 5, 2010

Saying Good-bye, Isn't That Hard....

Independence Day... A day where most Americans celebrate the day that the Fathers of this nation signed the Declaration of Independence from the British Monarchy that still thought it had some sort of rule over season. which is total horseshit, but yeah, whatever... once a year, everyone is all about hot dogs, and fireworks, and red, white, and blue, and screw you too... anyways, I made that reference to basically blog about my life in current situations... Sometime earlier today, it hit me that I'm holding on to a lot of the past. There is nothing wrong with holding on to it, and wanting to have something to do with it, but when you allow it to imprison you in hopes that people will realize that you still are trying to stay in when they have already set you free... So amazing when that realization finally hits you that, your past doesn't want you anymore... When the people that use to matter has moved on, and didn't tell you that they did, its kinda frustrating... Cause you would think that all the times we laughed, cried, bled, and had a great time, that that would mean something... unfortunately, it doesn't... So, as recent as last weekend, yet another "friend" of mines got married... which takes the number up to probably around 30 friends of mine from my past back home, and here, have gotten married... and out of all those people, only 1 invite. Its OK though... it just goes to show that I need to free myself from the grip of the title "friends are forever." Not true in this case, cause, if they were, there would have been miles put on the car... whatever. Moving on right? So, with me making this declaration that, I'm not the type of person that is considered to be invite able from and by my past, I think its just good to let go. So, now, instead of hugs, strictly handshakes... no need to reminisce, cause its all just lost to the way-side... just another reason of why not to care, cause it doesn't matter to them... :shrugs: oh well... Guess I'll just store those good times in the very back of my brain, just to collect dust and be forgotten... So, with that said, I say this... because they moved on, I'm moving on... And I don't care about there lives, the whats-goins-ons, the future, or whatever. Imma do me now... and with or without them, so, I'm claiming my independence... All I'm going to South Carolina for, is to see family, and to watch my Gamecocks... :) Cool! No more Mr. Nice Guy!!

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