Friday, July 2, 2010


I have a rule that I strictly fallow, when it comes to me picking the "song of the week," and that rule is to always pick a song from something that I own... Meaning if I wanna play it, i must have it in my hands first... I broke that rule once, with a song that was just so powerful, that I had to share... And today, I am breaking that rule again. Today's song is a song that I heard last year when I went to my first South Carolina Gamecocks football game in late September. I went to see my team play the #4 team in the nation, Mississippi Rebels... And they came out victorious... and in a stadium that wasn't even near compasity, me and my friend enjoyed a great game, and we got down with everyone in there that was decked out in Garnet and Black to this weeks song of the week... I play it because its basically a pump-up song for us gamecocks, that has been used at Williams-Brice Stadium, The Colonial Life Arena, and more recently in Carolina Stadium, where the baseball team plays... It was even used when one of the nations top recruit announced where he was playing football in college, and seriously in a church, this song was being blared throughout the House of God... And to hear this song in the past 3 to 4 days, being that my Gamecocks became National Champions in baseball, it just adds to the happiness and add to the tears of joy. :) So this weeks song is called "Sandstorm" by Darude... Hes a Finnish DJ that is pretty well known in the techno world. Gamecocks of All ages have listened, and loved this song and have pissed off many an opponent with it... especially Clemson. HEHEheheh... Anyways, its a fun fast and awesome song, and I do hope you enjoy. This song is dedicated to the fans of the University of South Carolina, and to the coaches and players of the National Champion Baseball team. Thanks guys :)

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