Monday, August 2, 2010


So, apparently, there is a crisis amongst myself... I guess it should be addressed, but all the while, is it really that important to me, as it seems to be with other people? My virginity has been top subject in a conversation with me and a friend, and heres my stance with it... ITS MY MOTHERFUCKING CHOICE!!! But like this friend, and others who are friends of mines, who is concerned about my virginity, says that its not going to be cool when Im 35. And that I need to get it done... Ok? well, again, ITS MY FUCKING CHOICE!!! Sex is something, that Im willing to wait for! I dont see the need for it, and I am trying my hardest to not fall into the trap that is called "A STATISTIC." I have never really liked being a part of the crowd... I dont thrive in being accepted for what I can say that I did, but dont have proof that I did or not... I can go off and tell you now that I am not a virgin anymore... but its up to you to believe me or not... But the truth of the matter is this... Im still a virgin, and I hope to be one for a while longer, until I find someone whos willing to wait for me if not wait with me... But I just love how some find great care in the fact that I never had sex, and want me to have sex, but not in the fact that I may have some sort of life threatening illness, or I could be contemplating suicide, or anything else that could put my happiness in jepordy... I am thankful that thats a bigger concern for you, than anything else about me... Oh the life of the nice guy who decided to be different. Dont get me wrong. I know that we are sexual beings. Our bodies, and health depends on it, but I refuse to allow my instincts to be greater than my dignity. People have to realize something about me... I make choices to keep me from going crazy. I dont do things, or I do things that makes me happy, and not necessarily to feel good. Cant allow myself to get off, at the expence of someone else, just so I can feel good... What I need and what I want, are 2 different things. Although, at times, I want to have sex, I, PERSONALLY, dont feel the need to have sex. So, lets do this eh?... Out of respect for me, and how I feel about all of this, leave me the fuck out of it... its nothing that its in my need to do now list. My sex life is ok for now... if and when I do want to lose it, I will let ya know, but until then, lets just allow it to not matter.

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