Monday, June 21, 2010

Is Love As Scary As We Make It Out To Be?

Me and Love have a respectable misunderstanding of each other... Love is the one thing that doesn't make since to the rest of the world... Before I continue, I will have to apologize, cause I have been thinking deeply lately, and so, this may be deeper than I would like, but oh well... here we go. Love is definitely something that keeps this world turning, but it seems that all that love is going into stuff and things, and not being aimed at the things that matter--people! We all love our animals, we all love our bands, we all love what matters to us... but do we love the people around us? I'm not saying that the stinky guy in the corner is the guy you need to start hugging on, but lately, love has been a hard commodity to come by. When we say "I love you" to our friends, or significant others, do we mean it? Has love turned into an empty emotion? When did love require fear? Why does it take so long to be willing to allow those words to cut through teeth and lip to mean something? Its rare to find anyone who can say it, and mean it as well. But we have made love into a weight when its suppose to be a light... Love is suppose to be unconditional, but we put conditions on it to only when it makes us feel good... My family I love but some of them don't make me feel good... but if they were all to make life easy, then we live in a utopia... If that's the case, then I am in hell. lol Love isn't easy, and with wanting, and never needing. We all need love... from the people that matter, and the people that should matter... Unfortunately we love to "like." And when we just like things, we start to steer away from love. If we loved more, the world would be better all around... But when will love finally take over and be as big as we make it? When will we realize that this monster that we have created, is just as gentle and exciting as anything that comforts us. So, Be wise about it, but remain care free when displaying love, in all mediums... and remember, Love, will always be there... don't ignore it, but don't try so damn hard to find it either. :) Its there... just be patient...

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