Thursday, June 17, 2010


This week song comes from a band that Ive known about for a while, and i finally saw yesterday for the first time... GREAT LIVE SHOW!!! And those intimate performances are great... you get to be as close as you wanna be to the band, and I got to see and fall in love with, and get to know a few of those cats that played in the band from this weeks song, and the opening act... it was a great night for sure. The name of the band is (no lie) Grand Prize Winner From Last Year. They are amazing! No drums, but machines galore! They have a guitarist, a bassist who is also a trumpetier, and a trumbonist, who is a huge part of the band playing keys, and being awesome... I fell in love with these guys, and especially when Believe, guitarist and vocalist for the band, before the show, said that he was going to "dedicate a song" for me. And as promised, he did, and it was a good one... however, The song that they picked isnt the song that Im using... the song Im using from them is called "Whatever." Its a song that has it all... its really shows the depth of this band, and why "Rolling Stones Magazine" considered them "The Band To Watch for 2010." So I hope you do enjoy and love this song as much as I do. :) So, here you go... I hope you enjoy The Grand Prize Winners From Last Year, and my favorite song of the week, "Whatever." :) This is from a live performance from 2009, but its awesome all the same. Enjoy.

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