Saturday, June 26, 2010

Big Mouths and Fatter Lips

Tonight, I heard something kinda disturbing... 2 British assholes tonight were going on about how "fickle" American are about soccer... I seriously find the out right disrespect for the people you CHOSE to live around, a good reason to beat some ass... Why in the world would you come to a country and start talking shit about the people, and there fandom of whatever sport they may or may not like? When did the right to be an asshole become something that we were forced to accept? Not really sure, but I can tell you that, sometimes, peoples mouths need to be shut for them... Some of these Brit kids come over thinking that the world owes them something, because mommy and daddy paid for everything... if they actually allowed them to work for once, they would actually not be such assholes... some British white collar is going to say the wrong thing to an American blue collar, and find his white collar turning red... and its not only them, it could be anyone, i.e. Indian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Icelandic, whatever, from where ever... it seriously is a problem that needs to be addressed, and dealt with... Thanks to the mass media, and the bullshit that they are so ready to display to the world, and make us look like we don't care about anything... not to mention, we don't care about the oil spill, which I can say honestly, that its both not true... Americans, do care about soccer... and I don't think that anyone is "fickle" about it... Ill be honest... its not a sport that i fallow closely, but I do enjoy a good match every now and then... luckily, for the world, we get to see it once every 4 years to draw some sort of interest to those of us who are "fickle" according to these 2 Anglo-Indian fucks... But what to do they know? Like my friend Laura said... "If I chose to live around people from a different country, and culture, no matter how I feel about them, I would NEVER talk shit about them, because, I chose to live with them. No matter my feelings about the people and the culture, I'm not going to say anything negative about them." Its amazing how people assume one thing about a group of people, and although it may be right, or not, you never come to someones country and talk shit... You will never see me going over to Holland, and telling the people in Amsterdam that Marijuana is wrong... Although I don't believe in it, I'm not going to go over there, and start a radical movement to close all the coffee houses, and the red light district... I can just keep my mouth shut, and I just wont go to those areas. Its as simple as not having a big head, and thinking that you're so much better than the next man from the strange land... So, if I could give a warning to anyone who plans on being a loser and not an educator about your own culture, and ways... SHUT THE MOTHERFUCK UP!!!!!

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