Friday, June 4, 2010

The Dead and Ancient Art of Sportsmanship

Either you are blind and dear, stupid, or just oblivious to one of the biggest news in the sports week this week. The Detroit Tigers were just 1 out away from having there very first perfect game, and Armondo Galarraga was on fire. pitching only 75 pitches, his arm was still fresh and the world had there eyes fixed on history. The wind-up, the pitch, ground hit to shallow right... the first baseman gathers it, Galarraga goes to the bag, the throw, AND?!?! The runners safe?? WHAT?! Are you serious right now?! He had his foot on the bag before the runner!!! He beat him out!? WHAT THE HELL UMP!? That was the sentiment of every baseball fan in all of the world... but what was more amazing is Galaraggas' reaction... he went from focus, to excitement, to happy, to disbelief and back to normal... while all the world knew what just happened, he took it with a grain of salt. He smiled in disbelief, and went back to finish out the game... He didn't argue or get mad or wanted to get even, he held himself like a gentleman... And after the game, the umpire Jim Joyce realized his mistake, and admitted that he "cost that kid a perfect game." Also saying that he was "convinced that he was safe." He was very hurt about it, because he, like anyone who takes there job seriously and passionately, it hurts... This wasn't an easy pill to swallow for either Armando Galarraga, or Jim Joyce... But what sticks out about this story is that it doesn't end there... The game goes on. So the next day, because the world of Detroit, Michigan felt bad for Mr. Galarraga, a local GM car dealer gave him a Corvette, and they celebrated him... After the dog and pony show for Armando, the umpires came out, and on this day, Jim Joyce was to watch the plate... And in a show of class, those Detroit fans who RESPECT the game, gave him an ovation, and and another show of class, Galaragga, went out to give the line-up sheet to Jim Joyce who was already emotional... And the game went on, and Detroit ended up winning the game 12-5... Wow... What an emotional week for baseball huh? You have Memorial Day, which is an emotional day to begin with, and to see history almost come upon the sport, to where there would have been 3 perfect games in a span of a month... But, that game is being called the "Imperfect Game." call it what you want, it was a great game to witness... regardless of your emotions, or your affiliate to whichever team. This is a touching moment in the history of the game, when a young man, can just allow the game to be just that... a game. Like in any game, there will be mistakes, and that's what Galaragga realized and mentioned... hes human... the game is not perfect, and that what makes Baseball the last pure sport of our history... because, mistakes will always be made... But the jesters of both the Cleavland Indians and the Detroit Tigers, during, and after the game, The class and sportsmanship displayed by both Galaragga, and Joyce, even after mistakes were made, is huge... it shows that there is still people who plays the game for what the game is... fun! Basketball, you wont find class, because everyone is out for themselves, and its all about the superstar... Hockey, the classiest thing they have going is after every series, regardless of who wins or looses, regardless of who did whom wrong during the series, regardless of who won the fight, they shake hands in a line... and all is well. Football, is classy in the since that players help each other often... after plays, picking up the opponent, a display of respect is always shaking hands, or praying at the 50... Soccer, the show of respect and class, is exchanging the jerseys off your back... So, sportsmanship here in this day and age is a rare jewel to find... and it lies in the fans... The us of us, who refuses to let anything go or go by... we like to hold on to the pain that the athlete is trying to numb by just going on... We want the pain to endure in those that made mistakes... even for those of us who aren't sports fan loves to beat down those who makes mistakes as well... but we love to forget about our own fuck-ups... we just love to allow ourselves to put on blinders when we are looking in the mirror, and not realize that we too fuck up, more than some of these athletes and officials... its ok though... the day will come when Sportsmanship will be displayed all the time. On and off the field, in and out of the stands... So always think about what you are going to do or say, when you're wronged, cause who knows... the world could be yours. HUMILITY GOES A LONG WAY PEOPLE!!! Keep your eye on these 2 gentlemen... Just see how there seasons end up by resurrecting the dead and ancient art of sportsmanship. Good night.

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