Friday, June 25, 2010


This weeks song is simply a favorite of mines that I cant get enough of. I discovered Florence + The Machine while listening to the radio one day while opening up the store. I heard the remix version of the song, which is amazing and awesome, but when I discovered the original, OH MY GOD!!! My mind was blown, and I fell in love with the sound coming from this 7 piece masterpiece. And to hear the voice of this woman, wow! lol And not to mention she is the tallest, leggiest, red-head Ive ever seen. lol but its all good. This weeks song comes from her debut album entitled "Lungs." Its the last song on the album, but its a powerful one... Its called "You Got The Love." And its basically a prayer and praise song. Its a song that you listen to, when you know that life sucks, but you know that eventually, it will all be alright. :) Its a song that is one of those that you will always love, and you will always listen to, and smile. :) Although I'm showing you just a video of the song, I urge you to find concert footage of the song. WOW!!! So with no further interruptions, Enjoy "You Got The Love."

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