Thursday, March 4, 2010


Hey guys, ive been fighting computer problems all week, and I hope they end sooner than later... its, more or less the connectivity that I have, I hope to have that problem figured out soon... anyways, This weeks song of the week, is one, that Ive been humming for almost 2 weeks now, and dont judge me for it... As we all know, The US Hockey team lost by 1 to the Canadian Hockey team for the gold medal this past sunday... and it was heart breaking for us who call the US home, or thrilling for those who calls Canada home... however, I know that my heart was broken, and I think Sidney Crosby should go back to Canada where he belongs, that big lip bastard... fuck him... anyways... moving on... the song that is this weeks song is one that I just needed to get off my chest and out of my head... this is no joke, this is the actual song of the week! its probably the worst one ever, but ya know, its ok... i can live with that... but my patriotism wont allow me to play anything else... so yeah. here ya go... from Lee Greenwood... "God Bless The USA." May God have mercy on us all... Im so sorry. LOL

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