Monday, March 15, 2010

Fucked and Weird

So, I just found out today, that the piece of shit that stalked the beautiful Erin Andrews from ESPN, (Michael David Barrett) got 30 months in jail... Two and a half years, for interstate stalking, filming her nude, while in the privacy of her hotel room, with intent to sell, and just generally being the worst possible human being, possible, is getting 2 1/2 years in jail... Personally, I think that's bullshit. He went all around the country to be next to her, and yet, only 30 months in jail, which happens to be the maximum sentence for being a loser! Wow... So, ladies, it sucks to say this, but y'all gotta get ugly quick... cause its apparent that any loser can do what he wants, and virtually get away with it, cause that's what the law states... Its things like this, that makes it hard for the nice guys to get the pretty women... I don't know how it became a peacock race, but you have to have the biggest feathers (i.e. being a douche bag, or hefty bag, or any other fuck hole ass trap you can imagine), to get the girl... it needs to change to where if you are a hard worker, and you don't have to use any type of flash to get the girl, you get the girl. cause any man can flash how much they make, or what clothing designer they have on, or where they got there vintage kicks, or whatever... Seriously. Its disturbing to me, that this asshole is only getting 2 1/2 years in jail for going all out of the way just to film a pretty lady naked, so he can sell it for money, That's so fucked up.

So, to close this, I say this to you pretty ladies out there... Regardless of how tough you are, make sure that you protect yourself, even in private... Make sure that all of your blinds are facing to where if someone was to try to look into your house, that the will see only the ceiling... Also, get a gun, train yourself to use it, and make sure that you have it ready to go... Be yourself, be nice, be sexy, but if the asshole doesn't get the memo that you are not that into him, then make sure that you communicate your feelings with him. If you are out and about and planning on getting drunk, make sure that you have at least 1 girl friend that will be the DD, and at least one guy friend, just in case... If going to a hotel, make sure that your peep hole is covered. Cause with the advances of technology, you can practically do whatever, like Mr. Michael Barrett did to Mrs. Erin Andrews, who's now pretty much harassed by anybody with a penis between there legs, cause of the video that was leaked on the net, that was filmed by the fuck ass who is getting 2 1/2 years in jail for fallowing Mrs. Andrews to, at least 3 different states, made sure that he was staying in the room ADJACENT to hers, in whatever hotel she is staying for whatever football, basketball, or baseball game is going on the same, or next day. WHAT A FUCKING LOSER!!! Hats off for the dedication, but still, what a scumbag! its ok though. hes getting what the law requires, but he definitely deserves more and worse. So again ladies, PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!! Thank God, it wasn't worse than that for Erin Andrews, cause it definitely could have been worse.

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