Friday, June 3, 2011

its been too long

Hey guys. I'm sorry again about the delays. life, just generally sucks now a days... I'm working a shitty job, I'm not even making enough money to really survive... And, today alone, I have been job searching... Everything is automated now a days, and when they tell you to go on the websites, they lead you to some bullshit, to where, they don't need your ass... its fucked up... but, this is my goal... I DO NOT EVER want to work in the food industry again. I'm honestly done with it. I lost my love for it... I have got to do something else with myself other than that. So, I'm looking for something else... Its not going to be easy, but, I'm doing the best I can... when times are tough, you have to do things you hate doing like, what I'm doing right now... And that's sitting in a library, trying to find something that's available job wise... even, get up and get out, and try to find a job... But, it has to be done, and that's what I'm doing. If you haven't read any of the last few blogs, you know that life has just generally sucked Satan's asshole for me. And this year, isn't even half done... I know that something bigger than me is about to happen, but, the one thing, that I'm known for, is being pushed to the limit, and that is my patience. I am now learning that patience isn't just waiting around. Its more getting up and doing something with yourself... Cause, blessings will come for sure... but sometimes you just have to put forth an effort to find what it is, you're looking for, or even want. so, that's how life works. You have to put forth an effort, even a small one, to get whats coming to you. I guess, more or less, I'm still not over all of it, but, I'm trying. But, I just wanted to send you an update on my life, and let you know whats going on, and I hope to have a computer up and running very soon. And, hopefully by July, Ill be able to do this again, and get all of you readers back on my blog. Thanks a lot guys for your prayers, thoughts, and good luck, you've sent me over the past few months. It hasn't gone unnoticed.

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