Friday, April 1, 2011

"And When Adversity Come Again, I'll Deal With It Then."

So, Im back, for a little update on life... As far as Im concerned, March, can lick my ass... I am so done with it, and Im glad that its April finally, so, I wont have to go through the shit, that I went though ever again... Loosing my Uncle Billy, my friend John Strickland, and my job, I've finally found a small way to make myself feel better. At least, a little better... I found a job, and... its ok... its not in Decatur, and its corperate, but, its something... Im just holding out hope for another job, but, you know, if anything, I got something that makes me feel a little better... Something to kinda take my mind off of the bullshit that happened, earlier this month... as I have mentioned in my last blog... The only thing that I wish I did, was take a little bit more of a break, but, bills, wouldnt allow me to break... I needed a job... :shrugs: what can you do right? So, after finally getting the job, I now realize that, Imma have to get more money somehow... And what sucks is the fact, that getting over the loss of such a great job, is going to take a lot longer than one would expect... Its ok though... The Good Lord provided me with this one, and He will provide me with something else... But at the same time, God may be preparing me for something bigger than what I think is the biggest thing out there... Who knows right? Anyways, this blog stemmed from a song, that, I really love from Gnarles Barkley, called "A Little Better." It talks about, just making it, and fighting to keep what you have thats dear to you--sanity. It's what makes the ones who are not famous, out to be... the ones who seen shit, felt shit, and knows how to, not only deal with shit, but to get through shit... And to actually be thankful of the things that ones would usually be ashamed of, but, not, because, they did it for show, but, lived through it... And, right now, that song, is who I am right now... Im just making it... and I am feeling "a little better." Thank God. Good night.

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