Sunday, June 5, 2011

Smiles Shouldn't Be Heavy.

In a year full of death, confusion, hurt, and devastation, Ive met my fair share of nice people, assholes, and seen people turn from and to. With all that has happened in the past 4 months, I can say, that it has not been a great year... But, of all the days that I could have put an honest smile on my face, today was it. Tables all day, and, running into old friends, it was as if things were trying to turn itself around... Before I get into the meat of this blog, I have to tell you this... I don't care if you believe, or if you don't, or you're confused, got questions or anything... I KNOW the power of God and the blessings that happened today ALONE, made it all worth while at the end. In the book of Job, Satan went to God, and made a bet (for lack of a better term) with God, that His most faithful servant would fall, and curse His name... So, with permission, God allowed Satan to fuck Jobs' world UP!!! His house, his kids, and his crop and livestock, all destroyed, and his wife left him... And he got sick. So, when God Gave permission, Satan took FULL advantage... And all the while, Job remained faithful. And just like the bible is, its a book of examples of how life is shitty, but God stays faithful to whats His... So, with that said, I have been in the same boat. I lost a good friend. I lost another good friend to Cancer. I lost an Uncle to a heart attack. I lost my job, I almost got kicked out, I am broker than our economy, And my Grandfather is dying of Cancer... This year has NOT been the greatest, as we all know from the last few blogs... But, tonight, was just the crack in the wall. A table that I was serving, was a couple, in there mid to late 40's and, they came in for a burger and beer. Super nice, real simple, and before they ate there food, the Gentleman, who's name I never got, asked "Whats your name?" I told him, and he said: "Well, Jarrett, is there anything that we could pray for you about?" And it took me a second, and I told him, " Just for a better year." And instantly, I just felt better... I know that life is to do what life does, and that's to be full of ups and downs, and happy times, and sad times... But you have got to keep living, and keep moving. Cause, if you have it bad, someone has it better, and someone else has it a hell of a lot worse... So, I don't know where I stood, but I know, that I was sent 2 souls who cares about me, and don't know who the hell I am. That made me feel so much better... It makes you realize that life is just a feather... you just have to let it float on. So, just that small act of kindness, really didn't make me look at them as if its any other table... they could have tipped me 2 cents, I wouldn't have cared, cause, there hearts were big enough to make me smile, a real smile for the first time in a while. And seeing several familiar faces was amazing as well. Tonight was a good night. And things, seem to start turning around for the better... Thank God. So, to those who pray for those, keep praying... you don't know who's day you will make. You don't know who's life you will touch. A smile, a hug, all works too, but, something about prayer... wow. It just feels good. :) Genuinely happy over here. Good night y'all.

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