Thursday, September 9, 2010


This weeks song, is the reason that, I should now listen to an ENTIRE album, instead of buying it for just one song... I finally listened to Fiona Apples' album "Extraordinary Machine," from beginning to end, and I found the most emotionally driven, yet subdue song of just taking time out, to think about what really means anything to you, and why things bother you, and what should, and shouldnt bother you... "Red Red Red," Is that song... Talking about how she dosent get complimentary colors, and the importants of diamonds... Its such an intresting, and beautiful song. What makes it the most beautiful, is how subdue, and mellow, she displays the rage. I cant believe that I have had this album for almost a year, and never heard it all the way through... I am glad that I did. Life lesson learned... if you buy it for one song, you will suprise yourself at how good the album is. So, with no further delay, I give you "Red Red Red," by Fiona Apple. enjoy.

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