Thursday, September 2, 2010


This weeks song comes from one of my favorite new bands... Ive known about these guys for nearly 2 years now, and oh my lord, I have been blessed again with there talents... I revealed a song a while ago from these guys called "Active." And I think they topped that with one of there latest release called "Mandatory." This song is warm. Yes, warm! Its a beautiful song, that basically talks about the work that it takes to maintain the love of those who we love. Its a great song with a melody that will make you smile. I recently saw the video, and I was just wowed... This song comes from The Five One. The Five One is a band based out of the D.C. area, and is the true definition of beauty, and uniqueness... There names are RED, BLUE, GREEN, and GOLD... If you ask them for there real names, they will tell you, RED, BLUE, GREEN, and GOLD! They are colors. They live, eat, breathe, there colors, and that's who they are, cause as BLUE says, "People die, but COLORS lasts forever." Pretty true. Good guys who loves to play, make, and create music. I am thoroughly amazed at what they have produced in the years they have been painting towns. And, last night, I got the blessing to share with you this beautiful made song. Again, I guarantee that you WILL smile. Such a great song, with a great message... work at what makes you love. That's what I take from it. And without further ado... From The Five One, "Mandatory." enjoy :)

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