Tuesday, September 7, 2010


So, as I write this, I think and say this... First impressions are EVERYTHING! Ive made many a mistake that made people think of me as what I'm not... And sometimes, you get that second chance, but its rare... This is all leading up to my first ever Georgia Tech Football Game... This past Saturday was probably THE MOST beautiful day Ive ever witnessed in a long while... It was just beautiful... Georgia Tech was playing The Bulldogs of South Carolina State University. Before the game, it was trying to meet up with family, and say hello, and exchange greetings, and all that good stuff... it was good to see John, Uncle Yank, and Lil Yank, Grandma, Al, Aunt Freida, and it sucks that I missed everyone else that was there, but oh well... Well, before the game, I went on to get into my seat, Section 129, Row 1 Seat 13. warm-ups just beginning, and I'm just sitting there, taking in the beauty of the day, and the stadium. And just before the end of warm-ups, I meet the cutest old couple in the world--The Richardson's... 2 alumni of SCSU, who has been married for years, and was there to cheer on there bulldogs... I was there to cheer on my cousin Yari King #13. So, ultimately, I was cheering for the bulldogs as well... But, in the splendor that is Gold and White, outlined with blue, playing the Garnet cladded, trimmed in Blue, the game wasnt what I was there to really observe... I was there to watch the crowd... Now for those of you who don't know... the majority of all HBCU schools fans are over the age of 60, and most of the time, they sit and watch the game, and dance when the band is playing... That's how its always been... Its not like the major universities of the SEC or the ACC, where you stand all game long... Well, The game started, and after the national anthem, Mr. and Mrs. Richardson sat down to enjoy the game... a little ways into the first quarter, this Asian lady came by to get her seat (section 129, row 1, seat 10), and she not only stood up, but leaned over the wall... to me, it didn't make no never mind... I could move around and make watch the game from either leaning over, OR, turning my head and watching the scoreboard located to my left... But, because, Mrs. Richardson couldn't see the game, she politely asked the Asian lady, if she could sit down so that her and her husband can watch the game, to which the lady said to her: "You know you can either stand up, or you can look at the scoreboard..." Mmhmm... OK, kinda assholish, but slide able... A little later, the same question was asked by Mr. Richardson, to which the lady responded with the same thing... So, after a little bit of game has gone by, the score by this time, I think, is 7-3 GT, the ladies husband comes to claim his seat (section 129, row 1, seat 9) and he commenced with the tradition of standing... Like Ive mentioned before, The Richardson's was well into there 70's and the nicest people in the world... Mrs. Richardson was pretty funny. Something about old people... they always have something funny to say, cause they've been there, and done that. lol And she was very knowledgeable of the game... it was fun. So, back to the story, Mrs. Richardson asked the man to sit down so they can see the game, to which he tried to get big with Mr. Richardson, talking some noise... now, I'm watching this, just making sure that this guy wasn't going to do an asshole move, cause, although I may not know Mr. and Mrs. Richardson, I wasn't going to allow anyone to try to make themselves feel big, by picking on the elderly... luckily, Mr. Richardson, didn't flinch in the slightest... This little man was trying to show that he wasn't scare, but, as the old saying goes "Don't start what you cant finish." And so after this thing, that claimed to be a man, tried to get in Mr. Richardson's face, he had his wife, who was obviously stronger than him, hold him back, and switch seats, so an incident wont go down... after that, it was over... People finally got tired, and started to sit down, and Everyone was able to enjoy the game... All of this should have been avoided... but it wasn't, cause Georgia Tech has made an effort to have fans that will respect there team, and the opponent, and make it a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone, friend or foe... The Gold Standard states:

I pledge to honor and uphold The Gold Standard. I will strive to create a positive environment for my team and fellow fans. I will cheer for Georgia Tech, rather than against the opponent. I will conduct myself in a positive manner, showing respect, responsibility and leadership to Georgia Tech. It's up with the White & Gold...Georgia Tech is out for a victory!

This comes from the official GT athletic website... And, with this being played at the beginning of the game, and on the website, as fans, cheer on there team, regardless, should know what this is, these 2 shit suckers, did not show that initiative at all... So, that did not leave a good impression with me. Another thing that I noticed, that I didn't like, was the way the fans showed there displeasure with the resound that was and is The Marching 101 (SCSUs' marching band)... Because, the fans on the far side of the stadium could not hear there band play, they decided to boo the visiting band, because, they were the only thing that they could really hear... And The Marching 101 was very entertaining in all aspects, from the shiny silver sousaphones, to the passion that they played every note, I enjoyed what I heard... even the same nerds that were pissed off that they decided to go to a blow out and not to the True Blood Q&A at Dragon*Con, doesn't give them the right, to boo a band that clearly outplayed there own band... They are the same ones who was cheering them and applauding them after they played there portion of the halftime show... pretty classless I think. But the kicker was the douche bag frat fags that tried to sneak alcohol into the game, and got caught by there friend, who is campus police officer, were being dicks... the man, by himself, confiscated 8 flasks of alcohol from there fuck holes who wasn't willing to get drunk before, or after the game, and acting a damn fool, saying some pretty fucked up shit to the cheerleaders in front of us... Those pretty ladies, I must say, did a great job, although I wasn't cheering, I was watching there skill, and it was awesome to see how much time, and work they put in. That is commendable for sure. After the game, I said goodbye to the Richardson's, and I hope nothing but happiness for them together, cause, they were so cute and amazing, taking the bullshit from strangers, and its fucked up, that they had to go through that, but, at the end, GT's weaknesses was exposed, and it shows that, regardless of the score, Georgia Tech showed why the ACC sucks, and why SCSU is 4 time MEAC champions. But with all that said, I say this... My first impression with the whole game at Bobby-Dodd Stadium at Historic Grant Field, was one that I wont forget, but hate that I will remember... I was not pleased with any aspect of the fans around me, outside of Kevin... a GT alum who actually had since enough to just enjoy the game. Cool guy... I was not happy at how the fans acted, and it was something that I have learned, to never be around again... I just know that I will not be in that section again, BUT, I will definitely go to another game... but I will be cautious of the people that are around me. Georgia Tech should live up to that Gold Standard... especially those who graduated from there... and goes there, but wants to be the everyday frat fuck... Its embarrassing, and sad, and should be addressed... but I'm just one observant person from one side of the stadium... I don't know how it was elsewhere, but my first time, as fun as it was, was not a good first impression... G.T. (GET your shit TOGETHER tech.). Not to mention the refs mic wasn't working all game... In a school full of engineers, you would think that 1 person, could have had that working properly... STEP YOUR GAME UP GT! So yeah... Saturday was a day that was awesome. Goodnight.

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