Thursday, September 23, 2010

Always in a goddamned marathon...

This week had to be the longest week this side of the year for me... but not only that, this has been a long stretch of time... going back about 3 weeks now, there has been in my world, about 5 different deaths that hasn't affect me directly, but has really affected those in the world, outside of my world... just in 2 weeks, there were 3 deaths has directly affected members of the University of South Carolina football team, the biggest one coming on Monday, when the reception and yards leader, legend, and all around good guy, Kenny McKinley committed suicide... One of our linemen lost his father before Saturdays game against Furman University, and on Sunday Night, C.C. Witlock lost his brother due to gun violence at his hometown of Chester, South Carolina... So, a huge bug known as death has touched the university... a friend of mines went as far to call God an "asshole," When a good friend of his was found dead 2 weekends ago, when the friends parents went to his house... that's sad... But no death is more important than the other... everyone gets affected, who knows the people who are affected... never an easy pill to swallow... When you loose a close family member, or if someone you know looses a family member, its never easy to try to help, cause all you can do is console... last thing anyone who's grieving, is to be given the same day bullshit... what I mean by that, is by being a friend... you know, trying to joke, and be funny... not the time for it... But the best way to honor the dead, regardless of how they died, is to live your life. Just learn the lessons, that are left from there absence, and move on to make your life mean something in there honor... But, like I said, this has been a very long week... Outside of the loss of life, I saw the girl I had a crush on, and her super awesome boyfriend... blah... And I think I'M getting sick... but all in all, I'M still kicking, and life is grand... I still have a job, I still have my health, and I cant complain about anything, except for the fact, that there is nothing to complain about... The lesson I think I was to learn this week is this... Everything has its time and its place... and although you may not agree with God's decision, or whomevers choices, just go with the flow, and you will be surprised, at how big the blessing is at the end of the change... So, keep running... and your Marathon will have an end, when the Good Lord is ready for it to end. :) goodnight.

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