Saturday, August 28, 2010

For The Love Of The Game.

Aaah... this is the time of the year, where men become boys, and robots to the out of control, out of our hands, world of American football. With 6 grueling months between The Super Bowl, and Preseason, its just 1 week, that every southerner, who actually has a soul, and a faith that there team will finally do it this year, decides that football is more important than life itself. Football, in its own right, is just a game. its a game that teaches you how to control your actions, and emotions. It also teaches you the value of teamwork, and faith that the people around you, that you bled with, grind through the heat, and humidity with, and shared hugs, and tears with, will be there for you, regardless of the rights or wrongs in life. Football has such a power over the country, that people, such as myself, will go overboard in fandom and do everything except pray that there team will FINALLY have there day in the sun...

The beauty of football is that it allows you to show emotion, it allows you to be a fan of the drama that unfolds second by ticking second. Its a beautiful game with colors, sounds, and a feeling that will never be explained or described... Between tailgating, the pretty ladies decked out in the colors of there favorite team, the different fans in there different degrees of fandom, its the only time in all the nation where, for 12 to 14 hours a year, we have something in common... We all love the game of football. Not only do you see the comradery of the players, but the fans, of all colors, backgrounds, creeds, and differences of political, or religious opinions are all forgotten, as we ALL cheer on our teams and dance the opponents out of the stadiums. If football could cure cancer, it would. There is just something about this small escape from the trials of the week, just to allow 1 game... 1 60 minute period of time that's controlled by man, that spans 3 hours, to determine if the week was worth the hell, or if it was all Murphy's Law... I can attest to how crazy football makes me...

I am so thoroughly engulfed with the love of my University of South Carolina Gamecocks, that I allow superstitions get the best of me... the things that wouldn't normally bother me during the rest of the year, is something that I have to address every week, and I must do the same things, or else, I screwed my team... Now, lets get real. I know that its not all on me... I do not have the power to screw my team, myself... they are the only ones who prepare all week for the team on the schedule, and they are the ones who has to have the timing down pact. They are the ones who has to focus there minds, to create plays, and fight through fatigue, and the elements, and the opponent, AND the mind games they bring to throw your team off. So, its not my actions that determine the outcome of the game, but to me, the individual fan, it makes it all amazing, and that much more fun to be a fan. What makes me a fan, is the fact that I love the game from all aspects. From the meaningless, smell of the pads, to the feel of the dew as the world cools, football is an amazing human experience. This is the greatest time of the year for me, and millions of others who play, has played, and still playing, beginning to play, watch, listens, feels, and loves the sport, and all of its theatrics that makes it special to us all, personally. To some, football is a tie to a good memory of family bonding... to some, its a reason to smile, whatever your reason, just know that football turns boys into men, and unlocks the meaning of passion for a lot of us. 2010 football season should be a good one. I cant wait, and I welcome it with open arms.

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