Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I am doing this blog on this day, to, not only make up for the past 2 weeks that I did not post a song, but also to introduce a lot of you to someone you may or may not know already... When I met this guy, it was late last year, when the earth was starting to cool down from ye, and at a bar. I saw my boys Kamal, and Geno, and went into a bar, grabbed a beer, came out, and joined in the conversation with them, and this white kid, that was making us laugh about the BET Awards when Lil Wayne changed up the whole censoring method of the guy who practiced censoring him during practice. lol Funny funny night. Well, later, Kamal introduced me to Tom Peters, a Decatur native, and a super nice guy. While talking to Tom, I found out that he is an underground hip-hop artist, and he was telling me all about his credentials, and how he loves the art of hip-hop, and how he does not like how so called "rappers." In the game today... Tom P is someone I consider to be a friend. hes a good hearted southern boy who is a hard worker and a believer in his talents and passion. But what makes him such a fun subject is the fact that he is amazingly talented! Tom has a fan base that sits in the thousands, and is growing daily, due to word of mouth... Recently, Tom just came back from a tour that he was opening for the headliner Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. He has been working his whole life to this point to be the greatest rapper known to the world, and with his latest release "Root For The Underdog," He is even closer to doing that. The release party to this event had over a thousand people, and he damn near sold every album he had on him that night! Matter of fact, I think he did sell out that night... The album is exactly what makes me love Atlanta, it made me smile to hear a lot of the tracks, cause its just like any night here in this city... Hopping from city to city, town to town, bar to bar, friend to friend... And the weekends that is full of regrets and puzzle piecing. This album is amazing, and a true show of love from man to city. Tom has a unique gift to bend words and do it phonetically, and clearly. He also does it all with deep lyrics that reps the greatest city in the world, Decatur, Georgia. Although I am not a native to Georgia, I love this city more than anything... And Tom P is a great reason to love this city. All he wants to do is make good music for the world to love, and he does it all with the people he love, and who has helped him along his path. So, the song I chose that displays his talents is "Intro." Its an introduction to the world of who Tom P is, and he does it without apology... And when you listen to him, you will realize that you have to do 1 of 2 things, either get on board, or get ran the fuck over by the train that is about to come down hill... Here's to you Tom! Thanks for being genuine and awesome. And without further delay, from his sophomore project titled: "Root For The Underdog," Intro. Enjoy :)

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