Monday, August 23, 2010


Hey guys. Im sorry I have been quiet lately. I have been in a weird space, and just going through another version of my own personal writers block and havent really found a way out of it... however, I cant deny yall music, and I figured that this weeks song (although its not thursday), would be one from one of my favorite bands of all time... For those of you who dont know, or cant even tell, Jack White is actually pretty political. In his song "Icky Thump," he has lyrics that goes "White Americans. What? Nothing better to do? Why dont you kick yourself out. You're an immagrant too!" This is talking about the immigration fight, around the beginning of the issue. He doesnt go on and on about everything political, all of his shows are fun, and amazing, and doesnt have one political bone in it... He may have a commentary on todays society in the media, but for the most part, its all music, peppermints, and rock and roll. Going with the theme of what I was saying earlier, This weeks song is from The White Stripes, and from there self-titled debut. "The Big Three Killed My Baby" Is a song written during the time of Detroit's declining affect in the automotive world. With lazy ideas, lay-offs, and closings of many of the countries big names in automotives, this song taps into the frustration that it creates for the common man, on the outside looking in, at least thats how I take it... What I love about this song is the anger in sound, and the direct thrust of lyric on beat, and music, and the passion in voice. This song is amazing, and this is one of the many reasons why I love this band. So with no further delay, I give you "The Big Three Killed My Baby," From The White Stripes. Enjoy :)

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