Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ever just shake your head at yourself?

Just like growth is painful, mistakes are just as painful, if not more so... When we decide to go up instead of down, or say "yes" when all the warning signs says "no," Why does it hurt when its not doing any type of harm or pain to us? I'm not talking about huge mistakes that one may have made in there lifetime, I'm just really talking about the stuff that makes us slap ourselves in the head and say "WHAT THE FUCK WAS I THINKING?" We all do that, but why are they painful? Well, it may be because we knew better in the first place, or maybe we just like the feeling of always wanting to be right, or wrong, according to our surroundings... ya know? Its really up in the air to interpretation, but it is definitely not easy to go through the motions of trying to deal with your mistakes, but once made, you cant erase the past, you just have to hate yourself for a little bit, and then realize your wrong, and learn the lesson from them... Ill give you a personal example... New Year Eve/ Day or whatever... I saw 2 girls that I know, just in passing more or less, and, be it that I was a little on the drunk side of reality, I decided, somewhere in the time I was at the last bar of the night, that it was a GREAT decisison to, basically, fondle these 2 women... I even got an address out of the deal, but, I don't remember it, lol... so, after a little bit of sleep, I woke up, and I realized what the hell I did, and I'm not proud of it... but I did learn something... I learned that I am NOT a fan of fake tits... They feel gross, and trust me, I have had 2 BIG OLE handfuls of fake boobs that night, and its like squeezing a barely damp sponge... not a fan... nothing happened pass the fondleage, but, could it have? Yes... but be it that I'm usually alert enough when happy on the chill juice, I didn't allow my actions to go any further... but seriously, it was something that I would never see myself do, but I did it, I learned from my mistakes, and I can now say that I am not a fan of breast implants, ESPECIALLY if they look as ridiculously disproportioned like these safety pillows were... point is, that we all make mistakes, and we all learn from them. If the lesson isn't there right away, doesn't necessarily make the lesson isn't there... just haven't found the answers you are looking for... Maybe they are there, but you're ignoring them, ya know? But, just make sure, that eventually in life, you learn the lesson that is present. Have a good one guys.

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