Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Not Surprised, And Not All That Hurt

I do not know why anyone wants to act surprised because some old white person said something racist. Didn't shake me. What you do in the dark will come out in the light one way or the other... So when Donald Sterling said whatever he said to one of those bitches he could afford, I did not bat a lash. Racism exists, and for people to act offended by it in today's society only do it for the notoriety. This move is just as political as anyone who told you to vote whichever way they wanted YOU to vote. The only people who has ANY reason to feel offended is The employees and players for the Clippers organization, and Magic Johnson. Outside of that, the opinions and thoughts from anyone else, holds no weight. That is my opinion.

This pouring of "let's all hate this guy because of this thing," is the latest of things to happen to show that we as a country are willing to allow the words of one, to determine how we should feel. I am in no way saying that he is right, because he is not. I am just saying that there are more things in this world to put more energy behind other than the stupid opinions of a self made billionaire. Racism still holds a sting for a lot of us. For example, a couple of weeks ago, one of the students at the school decided that she would use the N-word in her every day vocabulary... I checked her on it... Few minutes later, she did it again. I kicked her out of my "office" (I primarily work out of the laundry room, but it's my office). She apologized, but she is still not back on my good side... Not going to sugarcoat what I felt, and I for damn sure am not going to accept it.

I do understand why everyone is mad and wants to react, but, The Miami Heat did the stupidest thing tonight by doing exactly what the Clippers did the night before in their silent protest. The Clippers wore black socks and black wrists bands in a show of solidarity... Miami, for some reason, wanted to do the same... Last I heard, NO ONE in The Heat Organization said ANYTHING racist, to anyone... Why in the FUCK are the teenage girls of the Association, doing this? Makes no since. Stupid move in my opinion. And yet, here we are talking about 1 man, when we could be talking about how AMAZING the NBA and the NHL First Rounds have been! But for the last 78+ hours, all that has been circulating on the sports networks. To hell with the scores... To hell with the games, and your favorite team... Let's talk about Donald Sterling. America is treating this the worst way possible... In order to get over and beyond someones ignorance, do what Dani Alves of Barcelona did.

The same weekend that Sterling went out of his way to make an ass of himself, A fan of the same Barcelona team that Dani Alves plays on, THREW A BANANA on the pitch as he was setting up for a corner kick... Being from Brazil, and living in Spain for 11 years now, Alves has had his fair share of racist taunts... But this latest one is getting all the attention the world over. Why? Because of what he did... Instead of getting mad, and throwing a fit, Alves picked up the banana, peeled it, ate it, threw the peel behind him, and finished the corner... THAT is what should be happening in the U.S. right now... When the world throws you a banana, eat that shit! It has a lot of potassium! That shit lubricates the muscles! So that one racist asshole, just helped his team win over Villarreal this past weekend. He was asked about it, and he had a quote that I can't find... But he ultimately said, that the power in racism lies in how you deal with it.

I, as a black man, could give a shit about Donald Sterling. I as a black man, can't change the ideologies of little white girls who has no idea about how to be... I can't change their minds. I can't educate the ones who aren't willing to learn... I can't tell a fan how to be smart... All I can do is deal with it when it comes... It bothers me that it still exists, but it will NEVER surprise me that it exists at all. There will never be change in this aspect. Racism still exists because we allow it to. How? When was the last time, black person, you went up to your black friend, and instead of calling him by name, you said "What up, nigga?" Yeah. What about you behind closed door, white person? When was the last time you said "The niggers I work with are getting under my skin." Of course. When was the last time you decided you wouldn't see a movie by Quentin Tarantino, because of the grotesque use of the "n-word?" Didn't stop you yet... What about the last time you celebrated Cinco de Mayo? Did you wear a sombrero, and drink tequila, and Corona, or Tecate? Not to mention wearing green and claiming to be Irish on St. Patrick's Day... Not to mention the that Asians aren't the only bad drivers out there, nor do they "love you long time." All big asses ain't Ghetto. Not every Jewish person is stingy. Not every black person celebrates Kwanzaa... Not every white man is trying to hold you down.

So, lets all just eat a banana, call it a day, and starve those who wants to be assholes to us for whatever reason, by not giving them the time of day.