Thursday, September 22, 2011

We flipped the switch

And for the second time this year, the American public is in an uproar about the judicial system of this country... Am I surprised? I definitely am not... The people who are in an uproar are the same people that elected these people to power! Come election time, instead of just voting for whoever have the better name, or whatever, actually try to learn about these people, and know how they operate... Get to know these people that are to uphold the law. If you want justice done to those who did wrong, and for those who were wronged, then make sure you elect the people who want to uphold the law. Where am I going? Well, let me start from the beginning... Casey Anthony this year, left her daughter to die, as she went to party, and she left the body to rot in the car for like 4 days or something, then went on to finally dump the body... she got off scott free... Troy Davis, was another victim of being at the wrong place at the wrong time... He was accused of killing a cop, and 9 witnesses said he did it. Convicted and was given the death penalty. And for the last year or so, people realized that this man is possibly Innocent. With 7 of the 9 people recanted on there witness, and with so many holes in the whole story, the justice system has failed in the eyes of a lot... But lets think... did it? This is from my friend who posted on my comment from earlier:

Jarrett...I will tell you that this case was under review when I worked at the Parole Board. It was when all of the execution hearings began. I also know that there is a lot of information that people are unaware of and they are only basing their opinions on what they have heard or read in the media. This case, as all death penalty cases are, was looked over by several different justice agencies. I know the current parole board members to be kind-hearted people who would not be able to lay their head down at night if they had let an innocent man die.

My friend is right... What is it that we don't know? What is it that the media is actually not telling us? What are the things that we don't know? There is more going on than what the Media wants to tell us. The media, just like us, pick and chooses what we know and don't know, and we all fall victim to it. I'm not saying, that Troy Davis is or isn't a victim of circumstance... I'm not going to say that Casey Anthony is truly innocent, or guilty... but I know that to every story, there's a side that no one brings up... And as much as it may feel wrong, that an innocent man dies, and a guilty young lady walks free, its no ones fault but ours...
As I have stated before, and often, I DESPISE politics. I don't find it enjoyable to talk about, because, everyone wants to install fear when talking about it... "If we don't elect this person, this will happen!" Well, what if we do elect that person, and that person doesn't come through? Sounds familiar right now, don't it? "CHANGE" was suppose to happen... we appear to be in the same river of shit as before... Only thing that changed was the color of the leader... you got what you asked for. So, how do we combat the problem that we face now? How do we make everything work for us? How do we get the system to work for us all? Its a really simple idea... fallow me here... Instead of electing something different because of color, lets elect the right person for the job. I don't care if you agree with all of there ideals, or choices, lets elect the best person for the office. If someone has a great idea to have families get a discount on everything, but is a satanist and hates life as a whole, but the other guy is just the opposite in everything the satanist believes in, Id vote for the guy who best fits what I believe, even if its not the most popular... I know the example is really out there, but it gets you thinking...
Lets go back in time... lets go back to 2009. This is when I first learned of the war in Mexico that is killing kids, separating families, and drawing more Mexicans to come to our country in fear of there lives and families lives... Since the all the Cartels in Mexico has corrupted the country. Officials, and police officers were bought off, while these assholes run the streets of Mexico, killing families, having out right wars in the middle of the streets. Innocent kids are catching grenades, and men and women are being enslaved to work for these creeps, just so that Hippie McIwannagethigh, gets his fix... The selfishness lies in the people who wants to legalize any drug. People are living in Anarchy, so we can get high... How fuckin selfish are you!? We all want to march and be upset about human rights, and equal rights in THIS country, but not in the world... No wonder a lot of the athletes before the Summer Olympics didn't want to participate... people were moved out of there homes, and they were destroyed for the whole Olympic village and stadiums to be built... that's fucked up! But whats more fucked up is that we all want to get a high that we will never achieve, EVER again... We also, like to bullshit ourselves into thinking that its "so good for us." Its not only destroying a country, its destroying our lives, AND our families... But we don't care about them, unless we get what we want-- that yay! that sticky icky! that snow, that powder, that blow!
Another innocent man dies, another guilty person walks free...
When will the cycle stop? When will we all just finally take it upon ourselves to stop the marching, and the protesting, and actually get off of our asses and actually CHALLENGE the system that we put ourselves in? When will we finally learn from the mistakes of our dumbass choices? When will be finally wise up in life? Is it too late to? If anything we need to learn from this year of bullshit, is that we need to CLEAN IT UP!!! Again, I am not going to go around and telling you who to vote for, but I will tell you to be wise in your choices... ACTAULLY DIG IN AND FIGURE OUT WHO THE FUCK YOU WANT TO BE YOUR LEADER!!!
The only way that things will change is if we do it all with a clear and sober mind, and actually do some research... wait. Im starting to repeat myself... goodnight.

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