Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I don't know where to begin, or even how to begin when it comes to this subject, but I will try my best to convey my feelings about it all, in a respectful manner all around... Before I continue, I will let you know, that this will be a very rare blog for you to read. this is probably the only time you will see me use this word as many times ever. I don't use words that I don't like... I like the word "hate," cause its a genuine emotion. I don't like the word "stupid." but, I use it as an adjective to an adjective... usually yelling at an athlete when I use it, saying "YOU STUPID SHIT!" so, its not a good word, but I do use it... But the one word that I use VERY little, although, society, in this modern pop culture says that "I have all the rights to use it." I am just not a fan of the word, or the attitude that it carries... Why is it for one group of people to use the word, but not for everyone? Its becoming more common place and its starting to loose its sting amongst the masses... With rappers and black actors using the world in there everyday, it makes it hard for this generation to not know how far we have come to try to avoid that word ever being used... But now a days, its just common place.

Nigger is a dirty word. It didn't start off as a dirty word, because, it was a tree that was difficult to cut or break. But it was used back when the slave boats came all the way from over here to over there, and that's how they described the Africans that they traded for... And over the centuries, it became common place, and when you're out numbered, you had to take it... But as the revolution began, that word started to offend... and somewhere after Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated, and when rap went mainstream to the shit that it is now a days... and you look at any face, and they can say the word "nigger" with no worry of consequence... Well, back in August, my friend experienced being called one for the first time... didn't sit well with him... it wouldn't have been an issue, if he wasn't making an ass of himself throughout the time we were where we were... So, story is, he had some white guy start pointing at him, and saying "I want a piece of that little nigger there." cops were called, another buddy was tazed, walked away, and everyone who held on to any sobriety, was embarrassed... we laugh now, but still... its not a laughing matter, when you're offended...

By the way, in any form you want to put it "Nigga, Nigra, Nigg, Wigger," its all going under the same title as "nigger." And that word has been put out there for everyone to use. Like I stated in the first paragraph, You watch any most black movies, or Quinton Tarantino film, Listen to any rapper who isn't white, except for Kid Rock (listen to the song "Black Chick, White Guy"), the word is prevalent... Its amazing, that we like to fight for freedom of speech with words as "nigger," but when it comes to talking about Christ, you cant say SHIT! Bring up Jesus, its offensive... but you say the word "nigger" its funny... I can count on my fingers and toes, and run out of all, to count how many times I've heard the word "nigger" come out of my co-workers mouths... directed to me, indirected to me, either way... what is now common place, is REALLY OFFENSIVE!!! But, like I tell people, I see myself as a rock at the bottom of the river... I take shit and just allow it all to hit me. I just stand there and take it... When I was called a nigger directly, it was after I saved this guy from getting his ass stomped by the entire bar... he said something about gays, and how they allow them in here, and over heard by a friend of mines, and it got heated, and Kelvin was on the bar, and then the girls went behind the bar, and the guys are trying to hold Kelvin back, and I'm trying to step in the way so these fucks could get out in one piece, and when he was in the parking lot, he goes off and starts saying "they allow fags in that bar! Fuck this place!" then he looked at me, after I saved him from being beaten down, and says "Fuck you too, nigger!" I just laughed, cause, you can call me everything you want under the sun, but if you call me that, and you proceed to try to put your hands on me, that's when shits going to end with everybody upset...

But, the same goes for people who use the words "faggot, and little people (yes. little people is an offensive term for me, because, the scientific term that is used is midget)" If you use the words out of context, then its wrong no matter how funny it may be. and that goes for everyone... Black, white, red, brown, yellow, whatever shade of human you are, you should never use anything to offend. it just shows weakness on your part... If you cant find a way to piss someone off outside of being offensive, then you have not real reason trying to be rebellious... and as humans, we cant become one body, when we are all trying to drag each other down to the same level of shit... Using the word "nigger," holds us back 12 years... we need to move forward as a people, and start being uplifting in love, and not generically calling us difficult to be with or around... I just dropped some knowledge on you... goodnight.

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