Wednesday, September 23, 2015

It Must End, NOW!!!!

A little over a week ago, I have read something that both shattered my heart, and enraged me to the point of embarrassment. A friend of mine shared a story of sad news of her neighbor... Read it here.

"My 25 year old neighbor didn't wake up this morning. He committed suicide, overdosing on medication and alcohol. His father told me that he was a junior in college, was making good grades, but his friends had teased him for not being 'black' enough. His girlfriend had broken up with him because she was embarrassed that her friends didn't think he was 'street' enough. This family, the WHOLE family, 3 generations of them, are so kind and sweet. The look out for each other and for me. His grandfather is my closest neighbor; and he's a preacher. Their family and close friends (REAL friends) lined up and down my driveway as they gathered for condolences and prayer. I held hands with them... and up drove a car blasting music and 4 men got out and sauntered toward us to join. His grandfather stepped forward and said, 'We forgive you, but we aren't ready to pray with you. We will pray for you.' No words... We have to stop this shaming culture. It's Manslaughter."  - Meredith Van Sickle

This really tears at my spirit... As a black man who loves things that aren't considered "black," It really shows that black lives really don't matter... It only matters to those who have some sort of agenda to make sure the government stops killing blacks... But if it did matter, this young man should have had the world in the palm of his hands, but because he wasn't "BLACK" enough, he felt like he didn't fit into this world... How fucked up of an individual are YOU, to judge how one conducts themselves? How shitty is your existence for you to break someones spirit for being themselves? You are seriously one fucked up individual.

There should never be anyone to break anyone down for being themselves. Its disheartening to know that there are people so willing to make someone feel lower than themselves... Bullying has got to stop. This young man had such a bright future ahead of him, but now, we will never know how far he could have gone, because to some fuckclowns thought that he wasn't  "black enough." Fuck you.

The reason why I am so upset about an event like as such, is simply cause I, too, have been picked on for what I like and don't like, when it comes to being me. Apparently, no black people are to like hockey, rock, country, NASCAR, camping, cycling, classical, golf, anything that isn't "black." Heaven forbid that he has to shuck and jive to just drink a 40, and talk about the bitches he's fucked, and ride the dick of LeBron James... and wearing every jersey imaginable to match all the shit you couldn't afford on your own...

For a while, its been like that for me. Being picked on by friends and family, black and white, for liking a certain band, or a certain sport, or whatever... Do you know how many plans I broke, because I let an asshole talk me out of doing something, because of the color of my skin? If I ever see that individual again, I'm stomping him out. He's an asshole who can't take the fact that his brother passed away, and he would rather take out his frustration out on everyone, instead of himself... This motherfucker looked me dead in the eyes, and told me that I need to rethink going to Canada, cause I'm black... Fuck him.

It is no one's place to refuse someone the ability to be an individual. I am damn proud of the things I like, love and follow. Its what I decided that works for me. And those things is what I decided for me. No amount of bullying will ever make me be ashamed of myself, nor will it ever lead me to kill myself. If you can't accept anyone for who they are, what they believe in, what they do, or whatever, find your way out of their lives... I want black lives to matter to black people... I want it to move to where its a movement that should start from within, and fester to the government bigwigs... But we all want to be all bent out of shape and upset because a few people died at the hands of cops, and the ones with the cameras wouldn't stand in to fight for their fellow man.. Yeah... That's right... I blame the camera man. instead of capturing the moment, go and fucking help your fellow man... but because YOU wanted everyone to see what got you bent out of shape, COME ON!!! Protect your fellow man, because those who are to "protect and serve," ain't doing that... And now I'm suppose to be bullied into thinking that I should be mad, because you wanted to capture a shit moment? Fuck you.

 Anyone who talks proper, wears clothes properly, or want to get out of whatever fucked up situation that they do not feel is for them, gives them all the power that YOU neglected to allow flourish. Just because someone found a way out, doesn't give you the right to hold them back. LET THEM BE WHO THEY WANT TO BE! There has been such a fight for acceptance by the gay community, the trans community, and the nerd community, but in the black community, if you don't talk a certain way, walk a certain way, be a certain way, you are pointless. We need to quit killing each other, mentally, and spiritually. Its already hard enough to keep us from killing each other physically, but we have SO much time to stop killing each other to bring each other down... Shit has got to change. This thought process that is breaking black people down and shaming them for the way they decide to live, has got to stop. We have to do better to encourage and accept... We want to fight to the weak, but we don't want to fight those who doesn't appear as such...

That young man should be alive, trying to deal with his bad week... but, nope... Hes in Heaven, laughing it up with his ancestors, friends, and God... What he could have been... Had just such a small bit to go to be successful... Taken away because we want someone to be something they are not... "Black." FUCK.... YOU!!!!!

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