Monday, March 10, 2014

That One Moment...

For someone who does not believe in love, why is sex something he cherishes? Not too sure of why, but What happened last night was nothing short of a miracle... Last night, I went to a concert. I saw the band, "St. Vincent" play at The Tabernacle. It was amazing! I wish I saw her more than once when she came through town, but, I am glad that I finally got to see such an amazing guitarist, a very funny young lady, and someone who just has talent oozing out of those dreamy eyes of hers. Probably the hottest woman in music. Seriously! But I digress... At the end of the show, and with a fight with the asshole sound guy to get the set list, to which the light lady, give me hers, I was heading to the exit when a 5 foot something, brunette girl started talking to me. She needed my help to find her friend Natasha.

She described Natasha as a "Jamaican girl, with Jamaican hair, black skin, wearing a brown shirt, and black boots, and has Chinese eyes." And as we stood there... I actually stood there, and she wobbled... She was 5772 sheets to the wind... I was told that the earlier expression that I heard/said was wrong, so now I just make it up! But yeah... anyways, after she called for Natasha, we walked down to the front of the building. She grabbed my arm, and we waited out front for a second. She then said: "Can you walk me to my hotel, its right there, and Natasha would probably be into you, blah blah blah." Mind you, I am more sober than a pole. I did not have any alcohol. "We have champagne, and weed, and you could have your way with me, or her... I don't know what you're into." Yeah, shes giving me all the signs that she was willing to get any she could... She's a very attractive young lady as well.

Anyways, we walk pass the building and I offer her a ride to the hotel, but, she wanted to walk. and just before we got to the car, we witnessed an accident in the parking lot... she was trying to run away by climbing over the fence where the buses were. I talked her down and saved the security guy a lot of walking. We waited for a little while, when her bladder started to give her problems, so we walked to the hotel. I carried her a little bit, threshold style, but, she wanted a piggy back ride... That wouldn't have worked, because she was wearing a little black dress, and she was stumbling in heels. We missed a turn, but after we got her back, we finally made it to the hotel, and after a little fight with the technology, she got into the bathroom with no more issues... Or at least I thought...

So after she used the restroom, she bumped and banged around a bit in there... What do you expect with a drunk girl? She came out, and she got in the bed... I went and sat in the opposite bed... While I was there, she looked at me, and in that toothy grin of hers, she said, come closer... I switched from the opposite bed, to hers... she said, "closer!" To where I leaned in... She then asked me to "caress" her. If there was ever a more obvious sign that a girl wanted to have an added moment of bad judgement, this was it... So I obliged... I caressed her, by running my finger down her arm like I was turning off a switch. I knew that wasn't what she wanted, but I was not going to take advantage of someone who is from out of town, and drunk off her ass... So after a little about a minute or so, she says "I'll be back." She got up, walked to the bathroom, fell, and was lifeless... Right now, it doesn't look good, especially with her roommates coming in at any time... she passed out. so, I took her "77 lbs." body and moved it to the bed, talking to her to get some sort of response... I have dealt with something like this before... I finally got her to squeeze my hand, and she finally came back, with that look of death... You know, the look that things aren't staying where they are suppose to? Yeah, she was about to have a "reversal of fortune." I got her in the bathroom, and she decided to hang over the tub. I helped with her hair, and rubbed her back, as she was finishing up, I hear the door being played with. Thank GOD her friends showed up.

I open the door, and explained everything to the 3 friends that came in. They were grateful. Natasha is a very beautiful "Jamaican girl, with Jamaican hair, black skin, wearing a brown shirt, and black boots, and has Chinese eyes." So, after intros, and handshakes, and seeing that my new friend was in good hands, I was about to head out, when she asked me for a hug. to where I ended up threshold carrying her again and she kissed my cheek, I kissed hers, and she then said "Will you make out with me?" I politely declined. :) She was drinking water but, yeah, it was evident that she was beyond gone. I sat her down, and she started to lean back, and that floor would not make that headache in the morning feel any better if I did not catch her head, as she came down. Not only was I a gentleman, I saved a life, and the least I hope is that she appreciates me, even if she forgot that entire night. I said good-bye, and wished them all safe travels, and I went out, and had a few drinks to celebrate the fact that I am a mature man who knows right from wrong...

Things like that can test your ability to be a gentleman or an asshole... I can't say that the results would have been the same if I was drunk as well, but, I know that I didn't want to cause any more stress than she was probably feeling, due to a recent break-up. If I caressed her like she asked, that would have been a temporary solution to a bigger issue that she may have been facing. I do hope that she is ok, and will get better from this. Whoever said nice guys finished last, was CLEARLY thinking with their dick... Cause, I feel that I did something that may be paid forward one day. Not looking for a reward, just that I hope my actions goes far.

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