Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Cold Allows Me to Smile

If there was ever a time to where God commands your attention, Fall and Winter is that time. With world slowing down and sleeping after a long summer, and the beautiful blue skies, the green and lush trees and lawns, and the warm golden sun, it is around this time that when you look up into the wide expanse that makes up the sky, you can finally focus on whats there... Tonight, there is a full moon, and stars all around... If that isn't seeing God, then I don't know what is... Not a sound outside but the sureness of the quiet that makes the cold season, Only thing you feel is the cold, and there is no better motivator, in all the world than the cold. Once you feel the pain, you have to find a way to get warm, and no better way to focus on whats important at the time, than the seasons to come... It is exactly as if God is saying to us... just slow down, and rest. I love this this time of the year... It is definitely my time to slow down refocus, give thanks and praise, and enjoy the people that matter--family and friends. This is the time where the ones you love, and love you, needs you the most... This is where you find the warmth that was taken by the turning of the earth. The warmth is not electrically charged, it is within, and its within the love that you have for each other. So, for those who hates to be cold, I can understand. Being alone with no one to love can be cold and heart breaking. Something that I do not want to experience. With that said, I am thrilled, and blessed, to have the friends and family that I do. Without them, winter would be no fun. All winter would be will be a time of loneliness, despair, and hopelessness. This time of the year was made for us, not to look sexy in our winter gear, not for us to cheer religiously at our favorite teams, not for us to think about what we want for Christmas, nor what we want to do for New Years. Winter is made for us to become closer to each other as a family, and as friends. So take the time to really make an effort to see friends, and family. A handshake in passing or a hug before a nice conversation with coffee or booze, just make sure that you warm the one thing that is important-- your heart. Now do you understand why I love this time of the year?

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